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Yoga Time

11 Aug

I’ve been wanting to take a dab at yoga for ages now but never had the time nor the motivation to actually go and start. I have downloaded a few lessons but they weren’t really what you’d call inspiring. Then I forgot about yoga. I had my guitar phase, which I still have whenever I see awesome acoustic guitar videos on youtube, I had a pilates phase, a running phase, a swimming phase…and now I’m suddenly back to yoga.

I don’t know what got me motivated. It might be my bad back that seemed to be getting worse but yesterday i finally did it. I scoured the interwebs for good, convenient yet not too expensive yoga classes in Paris.

Yesterday, I signed up and had my first class. Yoga Dynamic. And it was awesome!!! I loved it to bits. I thought I would have trouble following the positions but the instructor was really nice and explained what to do clearly. I thought it would be boring to just sit there, breath in, breath out for an hour. No, it was a very lively class and did the positions one after the other. Hey, I even sweated a bit.

Next class is tomorrow and this time I’m gonna go try the Vitality class. Hopefully it will be as good as the Dynamic class and I will still be motivated to go to more classes in the coming days.

Yoga Time
8, rue des Acacias
75017 Paris