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And I thought we could escape it

11 Mar

I was excited to go to Toulouse for T’s birthday this weekend because I thought that I would finally see the sun and would not need to bundle up everytime I go out. But no. The weather gods have turned against me.

This weekend the temperature in Toulouse will be in the negatives. And after the heavy snow fall 2 days ago, I’m sure that the streets would still look a bit like this:

I hope it doesn’t snow again tomorrow or the trains will be blocked once more. I will buy a sleeping bag later this afternoon just to be prepared. I don’t want to be stuck in the train in the middle of nowhere in -5 degree weather.

The worse thing is that it’s going to be quite sunny and the temperature in Paris will be in the positives this weekend.

This weekend is not a very good time to catch the non-existent sun in the south. No picnics along the Garonne for us this time.

Let’s hope Morroco will be better next weekend!