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Missing Christmas in the Philippines

2 Dec

A few of my friends shared this video on Facebook. And as one friend appropriately described it: “Crayola”. I can totally relate – being abroad myself.

Since moving to France a few years back, I’ve never spent Christmas with my family in the Philippines. We’ve thought about going this year but Xmas is on a Sunday, the husband has to work the week between xmas and new year, stuff – in short, not this year.

Basta, just get the tissue and watch the video.

Time travel is possible? Chaplin catches it on 1928 film

28 Oct

Apparently someone who had a ton of time in his hands studied this short clip for about a year before concluding that the woman who walks just behind the zebra in the film is actually talking on a mobile phone. It sounds normal, you say. So what, you say?

Well the film was made by Charlie Chaplin in 1928.

So did this woman time travel and is this clip proof that it is possible? Or is this just a hoax messing up our minds X-Files style?

See for yourself: