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Where did the summer go?

19 Sep

Where did the summer go?

We didn’t even have time to make the most out of empty Paris in August. And now it’s grey and rainy already. Where’s that indian summer they were talking about? I want the sun back!! Boo!


Cinema au clair de Lune

28 Jul

One good thing about summer in Paris (aside from less people in the metro) is the free festivals they have all over town. There’s the Paris Plage, a make shift beach along the Seine and there are also movie nights in various parks. Last year we saw Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis at the plaza near our place, complete with the fries stand. A few weeks ago we saw one of the James Bond movies at the Cinema en Pleine Air at the Parc de Saint-Cloud. This time around we will (at least I will) be looking forward to catching a few more movies under the chilly Parisian night sky.

The Cinema au Claire de Lune will be featuring movies that made Paris a main part of the scenery or storyline.

Cinema au Claire de Lune: August 4 – 22, 2010

More information (screening times, dates and venues) on this site: Forum des Images.