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One of those nice things

3 Feb

One of the things I like in Paris is the variety of interesting talents you see in the streets.  It’s normal to see young people dancing in the street, a semi orchestra performing in the metro, that Chinese guy who sits on the same place at the same station every single day with his Chinese instrument. I have no idea what it’s called but he plays the kind of music you’d hear in old Jackie Chan films.

Last Sunday while walking around Luxembourg (the park, not the country) we chanced upon this old man doing his thang with his beaty old piano.

He had a small stroller attached to one side of the piano, I guess to lug it around the streets of Paris plus he was selling his CDs too. How mignon is that? The music was so-so but the look of the piano did add to the charm.  This guy is just one of the thousands of street performers around the city and making a living out of it.

I wonder why I’ve never seen this kind of thing in Manila…and I’m not talking about street kids carolling in traffic during christmas season. Maybe it’s because a horde of guards or police men would instantly jump on anyone out of place in the streets.