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Square Montsouris

4 Feb

I never knew this area when I lived in Paris a few years back and the husband was quite surprised about it and told me that he wanted to show the area to me because it’s really interesting. But with my husband’s direction skills, needless to say, we didn’t find it the first time around. The next time we went to the area was to do some park tanning in the summer. The other day we went to check out the Cite Universite and ended up walking around Park Montsouris. And in the middle of dodging joggers and prams we look up and there it is! A very very interesting street of houses. Yes, houses in Paris and not apartments. No, Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore!

Square Montsouris or Rue du Square Montsouris is an old brick road with town houses lining each side.

Most of the houses were made in the 1920s and were originally destined for the families with modest income. As time passed, more houses with different styles were built as architects and artists lived in the area.

Even though in the beginning the people living here were of modest origins it is now one of the most expensive areas in Paris with prices going up to more than 8,000 euros per square meter. That 512,000 pesos just for a square meter!! The entire street is also a classified site which mean that no one can change anything on this street. Or if you they do change something, they need to get the approval of some committee and they need to keep everything in the style of the street.

Ain’t they pretty? In the summer, those vines will surely be leafy green. So if you ever find yourself in Paris and have some free time and you have already seen all the typical tourist-y stuff, why not hop on the metro or RER and check it out?

Tram 2: Montsouris

RER B: Cite Universite

Metro 4: Alesia or Porte d’Orleans with a bit of a walk though

I’m not even sure if this is in the typical Paris guide but it should be.