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9 Dec

My ears hurt. The husband says it’s because of the cold. I’ve experienced a few winters already but I’ve never had this sort of pain before. Or maybe it was just because it was really really cold yesterday.

It snowed for 4 hours or more. 100-15 inches of snow in Paris, they reported. When I left the office it was like Apocalypse Now on the street, only whiter. Scrap that, it wasn’t white. It was more slushy grayish black with bits of white here and there. They stopped running the buses a couple of before and people were walking on the street, trying to avoid the slippery side walk. The metro was packed and the trains stopped every 5 minutes or so because they had to cut the electricity for gosh knows what reason.

I got home relatively dry thanks to my Emus only to change into heels and go back out into the cold for an 8:30pm dinner at a posh restaurant. Needless to say, we were 30 minutes late. I think everyone in Paris were late for everything last night. The restaurant was really nice and the food was great. The only bad part was that we had to go back out into the cold, half walk, half run in slush to get the last train home.

In this morning’s news, they reported that a lot of people were stranded on the freeway and had to leave their cars to get to shelter. It took them an hour and a half to drive 5 km. Yikes. This is definitely one time that I’m tankful for the metro system.

Today is a lot better. There’s still slush on the streets and the sidewalks are still slippery but at least it’s not snowing anymore.

I hear it’s 30 degrees in Manila today. Sigh.

view from my desk, after 5 minutes of snow. it snowed for 4 hours.


Wheather schmeather

7 Dec

That’s right. It has been snowing in Paris for the past week. Like the ‘wine in Vietnam’ it sucks! Just two weeks ago I was happily lounging in shorts and walking around in flip flops back in the Philippines and what greets me when I arrive back? Winter. Boo!

The only good thing about this kind of weather is that I get to bust out the cashmere plaid and snuggle up to the husband sipping hot tea or coffee or hot chocolate while munching on some good ol’ Cloud 9 straight from the supermarkets of Manila.

Oh and also Christmas shopping of course. Nothing beats going elbow to elbow with other Parisians along Boulevard Lafayette and sharing the sidewalk with chestnut vendors while you have snow falling around you making the entire street mushy.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


And I thought we could escape it

11 Mar

I was excited to go to Toulouse for T’s birthday this weekend because I thought that I would finally see the sun and would not need to bundle up everytime I go out. But no. The weather gods have turned against me.

This weekend the temperature in Toulouse will be in the negatives. And after the heavy snow fall 2 days ago, I’m sure that the streets would still look a bit like this:

I hope it doesn’t snow again tomorrow or the trains will be blocked once more. I will buy a sleeping bag later this afternoon just to be prepared. I don’t want to be stuck in the train in the middle of nowhere in -5 degree weather.

The worse thing is that it’s going to be quite sunny and the temperature in Paris will be in the positives this weekend.

This weekend is not a very good time to catch the non-existent sun in the south. No picnics along the Garonne for us this time.

Let’s hope Morroco will be better next weekend!

Not record breaking but it should be

11 Feb

I’m talking about the snow and cold of course. What else is there to talk about besides the weather? It’s snowmaggedon in the US and it’s flurry-geddon in Paris. It’s flurrying every 5 minutes (isn’t that sort of redundant?). Although I have a feeling that this winter is a bad one, it’s actually not record breaking. Over here, at least.

I knew it! I had a feeling it was too good to be true. Those nice sunny days we had in January was just a bad form of teasing. It’s not over ’til it’s over people!!

I’m now dreaming about that Marrakesh trip we’re planning for March.

Haaayyy….sana summer na talaga!