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Baby Haul 1

18 Oct

Aside from cloth diapers, I haven’t bought anything for the baby. But we have almost everything we need in terms of clothes. All of them given by or lent by friends. Mostly pyjamas, cardigans and coats for winter – since I’m giving birth in December. Hindi kaya ng diapers + Guitar sando dito.

But I still wanted to get things for her that I chose myself. Para special naman ng slight.

Good thing the husband and I agree on 1 thing – no pink!! Yes, it’s a girl but no, she doesn’t need to be stereotyped. Naks. It doesn’t make sense but the bottom line is, we do not like pink.

Her nursery will be lilac, light green, light blue, and silver/cream. Her diapers are mostly neutral with uber cute prints.

I like warm colors. No apple green/orange combos please. Let’s leave that on the toys and other stimulating activities and not on my baby.

As you can see, this haul is mostly sober colors and autumn-y.

I love the silver bird detail on this pyjama.

These I got because the striped onesie is cute and they come in 3 packs. I think I paid 9€ for the pack. Not bad.

These I love. Even though they don’t open up in front. The colors are neutral and I love the decals in front of the onesies. They’re sort of seude-ish. Just the right mix of color and style.

A bit boring some might say, but I prefer these than those horrible t-shirts filled with cartoon characters. So un-chic.


But who knows, one day the little critter will decide she wants a giant picture of Dora on her shirt and redecorate her room in all pink.


For now, c’est moi qui decide!


First mommy swag

1 Jun

Look at what my doctor gave me after my first prenatal checkup.

How cute is that? It’s so cheesy but it was also exciting. I wanted to open it right away. Little did I know that it was actually just a box full of ads and promotions. But still, it was my first official “gift” as a pregnant lady.

The only useful thing here is the cute little “pret-a-caliner” (ready to be hugged) onesie in organic cotton from C&A. And maybe some free stuff from Pampers, although you’ll have to mail something and they’ll give you your first supply of nappies. And maybe a couple of euros discounts from Vertbaudet and Evian.


Oh well, free stuff is free stuff.

Get the Hermès Collier de chien bracelet

14 Dec

Ever wanted that Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet but you’re just a bit short of the 2,000€ price tag? Well here’s your chance to get not one but 6 bracelets in different designs!

For a bit of fun, Hermès is offering cut out versions of the bracelet on their website. Go to the Hermès website and click on ‘Travel the world of Hermès’. Hover on the orange bar and click on ‘surprises’. And surprise! A Collier de chien bracelet of your own all ready to be downloaded, printed and cut out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t walk around Faubourg Saint-Honoré with this baby dangling on my wrists but it’s cool for little girl Pretty Woman playtime sessions.

Springfield promo

13 Dec

For 3 years now, the husband has been sporting only 2, okay sometimes 3, pull overs. He has one really old one from Morgan which is super thin now but super comfortable. The other two are from ArmorLux, a classic brand from Britanny. They are 100% wool, really heavy and of really high quality. But you have to admit that 3 years of wearing the same pullover over and over and over again can be a bit boring and…unfashionable.

I tried to buy new shirts for him from H&M and Zara but he’s so picky and ‘maarte‘ that he never wore any of them. And whenever I urge him to shop for new shirts or pullovers at those stores, he always says that it’s not his style or that the shirts they sell look cheap. On the other hand he shops all he can from Team Manila. In fairness, a bit of Pinoy pride there. Long story short, it’s really hard to buy clothes for him…clothes that he likes and actually wears.

So when I saw the 100% lambswool pullovers from Springfield at Galeries Lafayette the other day I immediately thought of him. And when I saw the price, I immediately thought of my wallet.

2 100% lambswool pullovers for 40€

The pullovers are not expensive at all. Sure it’s not the same quality as ArmorLux but they are cute, trendy and not to mention, warm! At 26 euros a pop it was a pretty good deal.

They come in different colors: orange, lime green, purple, blue, light blue, brown, tan, black, gray. And if you buy 2 of those, you get both for only 40€. Not bad at all. That’s 4 100% lambswool sweaters for the price of 1 ArmorLux one. But I think this promo is only available in Galeries Lafayette.  I checked out BHV and they didn’t have this promo…

So I got 2, in the most basic of all basic colors. Black and gray. I was supposed to keep those until Christmas as added gifts to the husband. Then I decided to give him 1 that day and keep the other one. But then he cleaned out the closet and saw the other one still in the shopping bag. So I decided to give that one to him then too. There goes half of my Christmas shopping.

The good news is that he liked it so much he wore the gray one right away. He’s still thinking about the black V neck one though but I think he’ll wear it sometimes too.

The bad news is I have to look for a new gift for him to open come Christmas eve.