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Quick’s Jedi Burger and Dark Burger

21 Feb

You probably know by now that they released a 3D version of Star Wars: Episode 1. I didn’t know – until my brother told me to try Quick’s Star Wars burger. I was like “What?! Why the heck are they doing Star Wars burgers? It’s so 1999”. But it’s not. It was for the 3D version.

So just like for their Foie Gras burger promotion, I dragged the poor husband off to the nearest Quick and got us some Star Wars burgers. He got the Dark Burger (because he’s evil) and I got the Jedi Burger (because I’m nice and bubbly).

This was the ad that my brother sent me:

What the heck? Black burger right? That was one of my selling points to the husband when I was dragging him to the fastfood chain. And he kept on asking me what made the bread black.


This was what the real thing looked like:


So the Dark Burger was not black. It was actually orange with poppy seeds on it.

A lot of people were asking what the weird square stuff was on the Jedi Burger. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t see anything of the sort on the real burger. But I think it’s cheese – because there was cheese on the real one. It didn’t look as appetizing as the Dark one though. It just looked so sad. I actually made a sad face when I opened the box.


As for the taste, I liked the Dark one better. It had more stuff in it – some lettuce, a couple slices of tomatoes and the orange bun was a bit weird but maybe it did add a bit to the taste. The pepper sauce was a bit too strong for my taste but you do know that it’s pepper sauce. The Jedi burger you need to forget about. Beurk is one way I can describe it. It’s just a plain meat sandwich with cheese. Nothing to add to the burger. I don’t know what kind of cheese those little squares are because there’s no distinct taste. And the mustard sauce? What mustard sauce? I didn’t really taste that either. All I know is I ate 2 burger patties with bread.


It is kinda amusing to try those promotional burgers – but only if they are able to make it taste good as well. I’m sure I’ll try more of those types of burgers in the future just because I’m a sucker for novelty.  But once you’ve tried one, there’s really no reason to go back and get the same thing again (especially not the Jedi Burger).




Quick’s Foie Gras ‘Burger’

23 Dec

Fast food like only the French can pull off.
The French food joint Quick released a limited edition burger this weekend. In time for the holiday rush, they introduced the Supreme Foie Gras burger. And when my low EQ and I saw the ad, well, we just had to go try it out.

So off we went to the nearest Quick and ordered ourselves the Supreme Foie Gras.

It was surprisingly huge


Let’s check if there really is foie gras in it. Peek-a-boo I see you.

So the supreme foie gras thing is actually a burger but instead of the usual cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and ‘secret sauce’, they’ve put in some small blocks of foie gras from south west France, some roquette (rocket or arugula), and some caramelized onions.

It’s not a Tournedos Rossini but it was good, better than a normal burger. You can taste the buttery foie gras and the mix of roquette and caramelized onions just brings everything together.

When the first Starbucks opened here, the French went all crazy, not for it, but crazy against it. They said that with this new type of coffee place is a smudge to the cafe culture over here. You’d think they’d say the same for foie gras being on a fast food chain’s menu. But aside from the animal rights people (duh, force fed ducks), I haven’t really heard of anything against this sandwich.

For 5€ or 7.50€ for the menu, I think it’s a pretty good deal. You get to try something new and it’s actually quite decent.


Quick’s Supreme Foie Gras is available until the end of the year.