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Should I listen to the child psychologist?

2 Oct

So Zozo’s assistant maternelle went to the Relais yesterday. The Relais is a place where the AMs go to meet once a week to do activities with the kids and to talk with the other child minders and child care professionals.

She said that Zozo loved it there. The moment they stepped into the room and she saw the toys and other kids, she started to get excited. The other child minders loved her, well, mostly her wild hair and huge eyes. There was also a child psychologist who evaluates the kids and gives advice on how to improve their development.

She evaluated Zoe and she said that she’s A-OK except for the fact that her motor skills are not “there” yet. She can sit alright but apparently she’s “blocked”. She wants to move, but can’t and so she just sits there and looks around. She said that Zozo’s not ready to be sitting up the whole time yet and we should choose to put her on her tummy more than letting her sit and to try to help her crawl or get onto all fours.

When the AM told me about the evaluation I was obviously flustered. My first thought was “Oh no, Zoe’s not gonna be able to walk, ever.” Ok, I know it was a bit exaggerated but I honestly got nervous right away. Is she that delayed? I know she’s able to support herself really well sitting down and can turn and can reach for things sitting down – but is that a bad thing? I suddenly felt like a bad mother – honestly. Are we hindering our child’s development? Should we have done something else or did we do something wrong?

All those questions were entering my mind while I was walking to work this morning. I talked to G about it and he said all babies develop the skills in their own time. I know that – but I’ve also read that if your child isn’t reaching his/her milestones then you should talk about it with your doctor. I also talked to a friend whose 1 year old son is now walking around. She said that the psychologist said the same thing about her son when he was younger – and her son just stood up and started wobbly walking around just like that in 1 day.

So I’m confused. I don’t know if I should be worried or not.  I’ve been thinking of new exercise games with Zozo to motivate her to sit or crawl on her own but every time I put her on her tummy, she rolls to her back and stays like that.

Am I putting too much pressure on myself? On Zozo? Or is there really something wrong with her development?