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24 Mar

I am back to the hussle and bustle of Parisian life. The 4-day weekend in Marrakech was exactly what I needed after the harsh winter we had this year.

After the 2nd day it felt like we have been there a week. There were so much to see and more to do. It was weird that the weekend passed slowly and fast all at the same time. We had enough time to walk around the city, visit old palaces, go to a real hammam, go around the souk yet we didn’t have enough time to explore all the small streets of the old medina, eat that superbe tagine G has been raving about, not enough time to actually do all the souks. Well, the souks were selling the same stuff anyway, but still, it was the ambiance that counted.

We partied all night at the riad we had all to ourselves. Consumed so much alcohol that even the pool tasted like rum and champagne at the end of the night.

The interior court of the riad

In one word, it was fabulous!

Our room: the apricot room

And now I am back in nippy Paris. Boo! But only for 3 days. Yay!

On Friday, we fly to Sicily for 10 days of Italian sun…and chaos.

I am dead tired and my head is still spinning from the heat and alcohol but it was well worth it.

I need a vacation from that vacation.

More photos next time…as soon as I get the time to sort out all of them.


Game on!

15 Feb

In your face extended winter!