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Starting solids

18 Sep

We started Z on solids when she was 6 months. We didn’t give her rice cereal nor put soup in her bottle (that was the first time I’ve heard about that – wala nyan sa pilipinas I guess). Her first solid food was pureed carrots and she surprisingly loved it. She didn’t gag or spit everything out. She actually opened her mouth and gobbled up the puree. I guess that’s the advantage of waiting until 6 months – the digestive system is more mature and they have outgrown the tongue thrust reflex so it’s easier to spoon feed.

We started giving her pureed vegetables for lunch. One kind for 2-3 days just to make sure she has no allergies plus her usual bottle of milk. She first had carrots, then green beans, sweet potato, green peas, broccoli. Then we started mixing the veggies up. After two weeks, we started giving her fruit puree at 4pm plus milk. Then we started giving her yogurt instead of milk for her 4pm snack. When she was 7 months and a half, she started eating meat. Now that she’s 9 months, she’s eating pureed veggies for dinner plus milk.

I was really excited when she started solids because it really felt like she was growing up and was able to share the wonders and flavors of real food with us. I’d make a batch of puree for her and freeze some of it for the next feeding. When we were traveling over the summer we had to resort to ready make bottled purees. It wasn’t that bad. When I can’t find organic ones, I’d choose the ones with no salt (Nestle’s Naturnes line was our favorite). Although we encountered a snag when we were in Italy. It was very hard to find vegetable puree in the supermarket. All they had were meat. And really grown up meat for that matter.

Baby food in Italia. Uhhhmmm, no thanks, will stick to parmesan and veggies for now. Bukas nalang yung rabbit.

rabbit, ostrich, horse – we’ll stick to parmesan and veggies for now, thank you very much

So it was a relief when the holidays were over. We were able to slide back into our old routine and give Z fresh home made food. It’s not that hard, really. I just puree the same vegetables that I make for our dinner et voila. It’s just a pain now that she’s getting picky with what she eats. But we just try the same food again another day until she decides it’s actually not bad.

The next thing we’ll know, she’ll be eating bowls of pasta and pots of creme a la vanille  with her dad in no time.

Or rice and tuyo or adobo or sinigang.


Sunday is market day

19 Feb

It has been a while since I’ve woken up early enough, on a Sunday, or should I say it has been a while since I wasn’t lazy enough to go down early on a Sunday and check out the open market just a block away from our place.

It’s a very small market compared to other areas but I can get most of what I need and the quality of the food is really good. It is relatively more expensive than the supermarket but it’s fresher and, well,  it’s such a french thing to do.

The oysters are crazy expensive. You have to pay 1 euro to get them opened. In Iloilo, where my mom is from, 1 euro (60 pesos) is already for half a sack of oysters.

This is where we buy flowers whenever we’re invited to Sunday lunch.

It still creeps me out whenever I see whole butchered rabbits on the stalls.

There are a whole lot other stalls that I wasn’t able to take pictures of.   There are a couple of poissoiniers, fromageres, people who sell bags, accessories, and a lot more. Even if you’re not going to buy anything, it’s just interesting to go to a marche and people watch.

Maybe in the summer, when there are more vendors I’ll try to go more regularly.


3 Nov

I don’t think I’ll eat anything today just to rid my system of all the glorious food we had over the weekend. As it usually is, this trip was another gastronomical weekend in Dordogne.

I’m going to try to enumerate our meals just to give you an idea.

– zucchini velouté, roasted chicken with ratatouille and rice, tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream

– raclette with tons of cheese and meat, grapefruit clafoutis

– frisee salad with bacon and walnuts, pork, coing and prune stew, more tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream

– roasted chestnuts with hot milk (I ate mine with no milk)

– quiche lorraine, frisee salad with porcini omelette, raspberry crumble with whipped cream

– paté de boudin, normal paté and baked spaghetti

Not to mention tons of bread and butter and jam and chocolates and candies and alcohol.

Good thing we didn’t find really good mushrooms in the forest or we would have eaten that too.

Now it’s back to the real world with plans to exercise (notice I just said plans) and eat healthier…until the next gastronomic weekend that is.

Tonight it’s vegetable soup and beet salad. Major major YUM!

Another long gourmand weekend

29 Oct

Hola! It’s another long weekend for les français. And everyone knows that when there’s a holiday it’s a must for Parisians to go away for the weekend.

And so go away we will.

Tonight, we are driving down to Dordogne to spend the weekend at A’s house with some friends from Toulouse. We love going down there because of the Fab food and the Fab company.Yes, with a capital F.

A’s mom makes the most awesome foie gras and pate with truffles. The last time we went there, she taught me how to make some. Love!! We left the pate there because like wine, it has to “age” for at least a year to let the flavors mix and melt into one another. I’m hoping I can bring some home this time around, even though it has only been 6 months. Promise I won’t eat them until Christmas.

classic foie gras. 500 g of yummy sinful grease and fat


foie gras paté by moi

This trip though will not be for the foie gras (although I hope we will have some anyway) but for the chestnuts and probably mushrooms. We will bring our hiking gear with us so we can go into the forest and forage for porcini mushrooms. Yum! If it’s too rainy to go out, we can always sit by the fireplace and roast chestnut on the fire. Double yum!

Okay I have to stop this post or I’ll end up drooling over the possibilities of food this weekend.

Oh did I tell you that we’ll have raclette too? Triple yum!!

Hello again winter fat!

Feuilleté de fromage, lardon et tomate

5 Aug

I got this recipe from a box of puff pastry I used months ago. I’ve kept the box but was lost in our never ending kalat at home. But I unearthed it the other day and since I was inspired by the step-grandmother’s home cooking prowess over the weekend, I declared this week “Gourmet Week”.

Making this was simple comme bonjour. It took me a minute to dice up the ingredients, another maybe 5 minutes to assemble everything and by the time the 10 minute oven preheat period was over the entire thing was ready to be put in. I love quick, easy and savory recipes like this one.

What you’ll need: (for 4)

  • a box of puff pastry
  • 1 big tomato
  • 100g of goat cheese or fromage blanc
  • 4 strips of bacon or lard fumé
  • freshly ground pepper
  • fresh basil leaves

How to do it:

– Preheat the oven to 210°C (Th 7) for 10 minutes

– Divide the puff pastry into 4 squares and put them onto a parchment lined baking sheet

– Dice the tomatoes and cut the goat cheese into thin slices

– On each piece of puff pastry, layer the cheese, tomatoes and bacon. Season with pepper and a few basil leaves

– Fold in the pieces of pastry and seal with a bit of water

– (Optional) Brush top of pastry with an egg wash ( egg yolk and a bit of water/milk)

– Bake in 210°C (Th 7) for 25 minutes

Simple and savory.

Will definitely make this again soon.

Found that appetite: Le General Beuret

23 Jul

A few weeks ago I had a bit of trouble eating. I absolutely didn’t find anything I liked and whenever I’d get something I’d potentially like I’d stop eating after a few bites because I realized I wasn’t that hungry anyway. It didn’t help that I had a sore throat either. And no, I don’t think that the sore throat was the reason for the loss of appetite because it came a few days after.

But one visit to one of my favorite bars/brasseries made all the pain, and unfriendly food experiences go away. Who can say no to a delicious freshly made Croque Madame on Poilane bread with fries and salad on the side?

Definitely not me. Hello appetite! Nice to see you again.

Le Général Beuret

9, Place du Général-Beuret, 75015 Paris

Metro: Vaugirard

– they also serve really good salads and savory tarts