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Quick’s Foie Gras ‘Burger’

23 Dec

Fast food like only the French can pull off.
The French food joint Quick released a limited edition burger this weekend. In time for the holiday rush, they introduced the Supreme Foie Gras burger. And when my low EQ and I saw the ad, well, we just had to go try it out.

So off we went to the nearest Quick and ordered ourselves the Supreme Foie Gras.

It was surprisingly huge


Let’s check if there really is foie gras in it. Peek-a-boo I see you.

So the supreme foie gras thing is actually a burger but instead of the usual cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and ‘secret sauce’, they’ve put in some small blocks of foie gras from south west France, some roquette (rocket or arugula), and some caramelized onions.

It’s not a Tournedos Rossini but it was good, better than a normal burger. You can taste the buttery foie gras and the mix of roquette and caramelized onions just brings everything together.

When the first Starbucks opened here, the French went all crazy, not for it, but crazy against it. They said that with this new type of coffee place is a smudge to the cafe culture over here. You’d think they’d say the same for foie gras being on a fast food chain’s menu. But aside from the animal rights people (duh, force fed ducks), I haven’t really heard of anything against this sandwich.

For 5€ or 7.50€ for the menu, I think it’s a pretty good deal. You get to try something new and it’s actually quite decent.


Quick’s Supreme Foie Gras is available until the end of the year.


Another long gourmand weekend

29 Oct

Hola! It’s another long weekend for les français. And everyone knows that when there’s a holiday it’s a must for Parisians to go away for the weekend.

And so go away we will.

Tonight, we are driving down to Dordogne to spend the weekend at A’s house with some friends from Toulouse. We love going down there because of the Fab food and the Fab company.Yes, with a capital F.

A’s mom makes the most awesome foie gras and pate with truffles. The last time we went there, she taught me how to make some. Love!! We left the pate there because like wine, it has to “age” for at least a year to let the flavors mix and melt into one another. I’m hoping I can bring some home this time around, even though it has only been 6 months. Promise I won’t eat them until Christmas.

classic foie gras. 500 g of yummy sinful grease and fat


foie gras paté by moi

This trip though will not be for the foie gras (although I hope we will have some anyway) but for the chestnuts and probably mushrooms. We will bring our hiking gear with us so we can go into the forest and forage for porcini mushrooms. Yum! If it’s too rainy to go out, we can always sit by the fireplace and roast chestnut on the fire. Double yum!

Okay I have to stop this post or I’ll end up drooling over the possibilities of food this weekend.

Oh did I tell you that we’ll have raclette too? Triple yum!!

Hello again winter fat!