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Christmas gift fail – sort of

1 Jan

but will be a success in the long run.

The past 3 years we have been spending Christmas eve at home, just the husband and I. We have made a tradition of having a full home made dinner (by me, who else?) then at midnight we open our presents. I have to say something about the husband’s gift giving ability. It’s erratic. One day he can give you the best birthday present ever (like a trip to Japan! Hell yeah!) then the next time he can give you a so-so (read: flop) gift. Like this year’s Christmas gift.

Coccinelle Vivian hobo bag


I know how hard he tried finding a gift for me. And I didn’t help either, one day saying I liked something then the next day saying I didn’t like it anymore. Must be something to do with ADHD.

Or maybe because my birthday is so close to Christmas that he focused all his gift giving energy to that one and forgot that he needed to buy a new present for Noel. It’s also true that Japan is a hard gift to top off.

But long story short, he surprised me with a Coccinelle Vivian hobo bag that he got from Printemps. I appreciate the effort but…the bag is just not my style. The worst thing is that he liked the bag! But doubted that I’ll like it (which is a good thing) so he actually got a gift receipt with it and gave it with the bag.

I tried to like it, thought the style would grow on me. But it didn’t. I felt really guilty beacause it’s his gift and I wasn’t so enthusiastic as he’d like me to be. But he assured me that it’s better to exchange it and get something I really want than keep something I won’t be using at all.

So, exchange it is. Well, reimbursed actually.

I went with him to Printemps and he got reimbursed. The good thing is that with the sales coming and the money he paid/got back for the bag, I can get another bag from another top brand.

So it wasn’t really a fail after all.



Since this is such a late post, I’d like to greet everyone a happy new year and a belated merry christmas. May your 2011 be better than 2010. ❤ xc.


Tanning fail

28 Aug

Whoever said “There’s no sun in Bretagne” was dead wrong.

Cupcake FAIL

5 Feb

Ever since we received a stand mixer ( <3) for Christmas, I’ve attempted to use it to whip up something scrumptious every weekend. I have been wanting one for a very long time but now that I have it I don’t seem to find any recipes elaborate enough to need a stand mixer. Our weekend brunch regulars only need a bit of hand grease to get them done…well, that does make sense since I have been making them without the stand mixer, duh.  Well I did need stiffened egg whites for that crepe recipe but it’s not very practical to bring out a giant mixer for just 1 egg white.

So there I was searching for a good recipe that needed a stand mixer. And who’s the best person to go to for recipes on baking and such? Martha Stewart of course! Well I actually prefer Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa but this time I went for Martha. Anyway I saw the video for Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes. Apparently they’re one of the best cupcakes out there and I was excited to try it out. So excited that I bought the needed ingredients after work and started baking while the husband was making dinner.

But since I was in a hurry, I was too impatient to wait for the butter to soften. Bad idea. The batter ended up too liquid with bits of butter floating here and there. It didn’t look pretty at all. And right then I knew it…FAIL!!!

I still tried baking them, you know, just in case. It did not help that all I had as muffin tins were little individual silicone molds. It worked fine, but not great, for the other muffins I’ve done before, but for this one…FAIL!!! Since there were bits of unmelted/unmixed butter in the batter the cupcakes eventually started bursting and melted butter oozed out of the middle of the cupcakes and dripped onto the sides. And since I wanted to make sure that the dripping batter at least be cooked a bit, I left the cupcakes a bit longer in the oven. The next thing I knew, the tops were too brown but the dripping batter wasn’t cooked enough. I guess I did not set the oven temperature correctly either. Another FAIL.

The good news is that  I only made 1/4 of the recipe…so only 9 cupcakes got made – and wasted. Well, minus 2 because we did try them. Another good news – they were delicious, the part that was pretty and well done at least. So I guess it’s not a complete FAIL.

Oh well, better luck next time. But next time I’ll try to do it better and correctly. Haste makes waste they do say.

So watch this space if I ever succeed on making my cupcakes. And believe me, if I do, you’ll see it here first!