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Free e-book reader

10 Mar

One thing that surprised me here is how well maintained and up to date the public libraries are. For less than 25 euros a year, you can have access to millions of books, magazines, and even CDs. Yes, you can borrow more than 10 CDs at a time and the collection is really good too. The husband usually likes to check out the travel books whenever we have a trip coming up. I usually check out the English section, mostly the kids’ English section because they have more interesting books.

Then a few weeks ago they really upped the level of libraries everywhere. They announced that they will start lending out e-book readers to the library members. No deposit, you just need to sign a waiver saying that you will absolutely take very good care of the readers and promise to return them on the due date. But even if you don’t, you only need to pay 0.20 cents per day after the due date.

They have 16 readers at the main library and borrowers can choose between 4 models: Sony, Cybook Gen3, Opus, and the Kindle 2. In the books are 200 different kinds of novels and essays which are already free of rights. So these are mostly classics from Stendhal, Dumas, and other great French writers. There are also English novels like Alice in Wonderland, Dorian Gray and such. So even if you cannot download a pirated ebook onto it, you have a pretty good collection of must reads.

We were able to borrow the Sony one after waiting for 2 weeks. We reserved it over the internet, yes, you can do that too, and they sent G an email when it was available to be picked up. How cool is that?

I’m in the process of reading Alice in Wonderland (before watching the film) but I’m not really into using the reader. I still like turning and flipping a real book’s pages. Also, weirdly enough, I like the smell of books when you flip through their pages, but then that’s just me. Plus, when I read in the metro it seems that I get dizzy with the reader but I don’t get dizzy with a book. So right now, I have mixed feelings about using an e-book reader.

Good thing I can just borrow one at the library whenever I want instead of buying one and not using it in the end.