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Musee de l’Orangerie

14 Jun

First stop of our Nuit des Musees trip. Remember it’s the night when the museums all over France and Europe are free? Well that night was a bit chilly and we weren’t really in the mood to wait in line in the cold outside for hours. Last year we waited for an hour outside the Petit Palais only to be told that the museum was closing and they weren’t letting anyone enter anymore.


We didn’t want that to happen again so this year our target were near and not too popular museums. So, we went to the Musee de l’Orangerie.  This was the first stop because it’s just outside the metro Concorde and is a direct stop on our metro line.


It’s located in the Jardin de Tuilleries opposite the Jeu de Paume. The Musee de l’Orangerie is a gallery of impressionist and post-impressionist works. Claude Monet’s Nympheas is one of the most impressive and well known works in this museum.


There were 3 whole galeries with the water lily paintings sort of wrapped along the walls. Very beautiful.


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Rodin hearts Monet

4 May

It’s amusing how famous people know other famous people. I’m not talking about Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox level BFFs. I’m talking about famous dead people – masters of the arts. It’s not like they all lived in Holllywood and have guest starred in each other’s sitcoms back then. How did they end up hanging out and making chismis in the streets and coffee shops of Montmartre?

During our visit to Musee Rodin, there was an exposition of Rodin and Monet’s letters to each other. Needless to say this was my most favorite part of the visit. And also because I’m Filipino and I think most of us have an affinity with knowing other people’s business. So this was like making chismis back in time because there was no Facebook back then and people had to write real letters.

I love the how they write in the olden days. It sure is different from the chicken scratch I see young ones have these days. I also love how Monet’s stationery says Giverny.

Okay so I don’t really understand their handwriting but it sure is purty.

Mr. Rodin and Mr. Monet. I thought they were chums but was a bit weird-ed out that they kept on referring to each other as ‘vous’ – which is like a formal ‘you’ usually used for respect or when speaking to older people – or your boss.

They even threw an expo together. How mignon is that? – Uhm, I guess that answers my question as to how they knew each other. I didn’t realize that before. But, did they do this expo before or after they became chums?

Too bad it was just a temporary exhibit. I think this was one of the reasons I liked the Musee Rodin.