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Found: Carafe

24 Oct

The search for the carafe has finally ended. Well, it actually ended months ago but I’m only able to post this now.

We bought a bottle of panache for 2 euros. Drank it all up, cleaned the bottle and voila! A nice carafe, just like the ones you see in cafes. And all that for only 2 euros.


The search for the carafe

13 Aug

Unlike Makati, tap water here in Paris is potable. Getting une carafe d’eau at a restaurant is perfectly normal and even tres Parisien. Only tourists and rich people order bottled water over here. The city even promotes it’s l’eau de Paris to encourage Parisians to “go green” and stop buying bottled water from the supermarkets.  Honestly it took me a while to get used to drinking tap water. And if you live in the Philippines you’ll truly understand why. But we are not in the Philippines and beggars can’t be choosers.

Not wanting to spend more money for something that should be free and not to mention helping out the environment, we have been drinking l’eau de Paris since we moved here, so chic. We got a very nice carafe from trusty ol’ Ikea, fill it with l‘eau de Paris and keep it fresh in the refrigerator.

Until a few weeks ago when the husband broke our water pitcher. He flung the trivet to the table, hitting the carafe and thus breaking it into a million pieces. And so, ever since we have been drinking water straight from the tap. And believe me you, it’s not very chic when you think about it that way. Drinking tap water from a pitcher, why not. But when you drink it straight from the tap…it’s a bit weird. So I wanted to get a new carafe as soon as possible (read: now na!). But the husband doesn’t want to get any type of carafe. He wants a nice designer-y chic type one.

I barely said the word Brita, he already splurted out “ugly!” Well it is sort of kinda ugly indeed.

I think he found a Bodum carafe one time but it was more of a wine decanter than a water pitcher. Plus it doesn’t fit in our tiny tiny refrigerator.

Then we thought of getting those Eau de Paris carafes. They sell for only 12€ a pop. Ain’t they pretty? And they were designed in limited edition by Pierre Charpin, whoever he is.

Or we can just buy some cider or panaché in a nice bottle and use that one like the restaurants do.

What do you think? I think I like the l’eau de paris carafes better…