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15 Aug

For the french, when you say Cancale only 1 thing comes into mind, okay maybe 2: Huitres and Moules. That’s fancy speak for oysters and mussels. It’s in the Ille-et-Vilaine region of Britanny. 30 minutes from the train station of Saint Malo.

After a whole lotta visits to Dinard, which is also in the same region, we finallly had the time and courage (read: woke up early on a beautiful day) to go and visit. We went on a Sunday and were lucky enough to find out that Cancale is actually livelier than Dinard on a Sunday. They closed off the streets of the center for the pedestrians, there was a Sunday marché, and there were musicians at the main plaza. The ambiance was very festive and the husband and I let ourselves go with the flow of the Cancalais Sunday.

There are a lot of good seafood restaurants along the beach. The most famous would be the moules frites – mussels in a big pot cooked in white wine, or cream for the gourmand ones. Prices are waaay cheaper than in Paris of course and the mussels are waaaay plumpier and more savory.

Of  course one goes to Cancale for the huitres. Just beside the jetty are stalls selling fresh oysters. They can open them for you and you get the choice of eating them plain or with a lemon. They put them in nice little oyster plates and you can eat them on the steps facing the sea. The best thing is you get to throw the shells anywhere on the beach! For 5 euros per dozen, it’s a steal!

It was such a wonderful day when we went there. The skies were blue and the water was emerald. After going around town, and stuffing yourself with oysters, you can go on the GR34 and walk all the way to the Point de Grouin, to the east, which is along the Emerald coast going to  Saint Malo. You’ll have a good view of Mont Saint Michel all the way up to the Point.

One can rent a car and drive the 4 hours all the way up to the town or get a TGV to Saint Malo and take the bus to Cancale. The connections are well timed so it wouldn’t be a big problem taking public transportation.

If you were wondering what the husband ate since he’s not a fan of oysters: