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The inevitable “what about me” drama

20 Sep

I know being on bedrest has been easier for me than it has been for the husband. He has been the one doing all the work: grocery shopping, the laundry, the dishes, random errands. And all that after a long day at work.

So I was glad when he told me he would be going out with friends this week. He deserves a bit of “me time”. I’m fine as long as I have something for dinner. He went grocery shopping and bought enough food for me to heat up for this week.

So he went out Tuesday night. But didn’t do the dishes – hasn’t done the dishes since the weekend. So I, who’s supposed to be “resting” had to do the dishes. I only washed what I needed and that already resulted to some contractions. Yikes. But I let it pass.

The next morning, before going to work, he did all the dishes. Fine. Good job,  A for effort.

Last night he went out again. He came home super sick and drunk. Nice! I had to take care of him and make sure he doesn’t get sicker or choke or something. I, of course I couldn’t sleep unless he was well enough not to get sick while sleeping. I didn’t mind doing that. He is after all my ourson a moi and I don’t want any harm to come to him. So I did really want to take care of him – even if it took more effort than washing a couple of plates.

The thing is, it’s just funny how the roles of being taken care of and the caretaker can switch automatically.

I get angry when he doesn’t do household chores and I end up doing them when I’m on bedrest but I don’t even think twice about cleaning up after him when he’s sick all over the place.

I wanted him to take a break from taking care of me but at the same time I wanted him not to want to take a real break. You know what I mean? He should not have that much fun as to forget about me and my situation.

Complicated, I know. But women can be complicated and add overactive hormones to that, well, you get a crazy wife.

Anyway, that’s this week’s drama. I guess we still need to work on this new routine (me not doing anything and him needing to do housework and clean).

On a positive note, this is good practice for when the bebe arrives. Right? Right?

I couldn’t stay mad at him because I know I need to cut him some slack and besides, he’s too mignon and I just couldn’t resist.

So tonight, he’s out again with friends. But this time around he came home first to make me dinner and tomorrow’s lunch and promised he won’t get drunk tonight. How sweet is that?


Getting my grandma groove on

5 Sep

Compression stockings.

It’s not the sexiest hosiery in the world but it sure is a pregnant woman on bed rest’s constant companion. Old ladies and pregnant women.



The idea being that being on bed rest, one cannot go out to walk and exercise her legs for better blood circulation. And so compression stockings help relieve swelling on the veins and improve blood circulation and thus prevents tiredness, heaviness, tension on the legs, cramps and swollen ankles and feet and of course, varicose veins.

They are more compact and tighter than regular hosiery and I find that they are very hard to put on.

According to my midwife, I have to put these on every single day – the whole day. I was given a prescription for 2 of these. Yes, a prescription. I had to get these at the pharmacy (and of course didn’t pay a dime for it). I got one in nude and one in black.

A bit of lacy ends does make the black one sexier. But not in shorts.



The husband even checks up on me and makes sure I wear these, even though he’s a stickler for being “sexy” and “presentable” even at home. So I guess the lacy tops works for him a bit *snicker*.


Although a lot of women, even not pregnant ones, get these for airplane rides, I still think they’re kinda funny. They definitely remind me of old ladies pulling grocery carts in the street.

But who cares if they look funny. What’s important are the benefits one gets when using these. So, I’m all for it.

Come one compression stockings! Let’s get our grandma groove on.


Keeping busy. And it’s only week 2.

3 Sep

Thank god for girl friends and mindless reading material. These are my companions for the next couple of days – or maybe just a day or two. I’m trying to pace myself and alternating between watching reruns (for now, it’s Boston Legal) and fashion magazines/tabloids.


I know the husband will just be itching for a bit of intellectual banter when he comes home tonight, so I started with Voici. Boy, will he be excited to know the latest gossip about Johnny Hallyday and other personalities. Not! I think 5 neurons just died while I was reading that.


In other news, the midwife came to visit a few hours ago. He said (yes, it’s a he) that the baby was looking good. Fetal heart rate was impeccable, no contractions, more impeccable and no infections, another impeccable.  I just need to keep doing whatever I’m doing – that is, lying down and doing nothing. I can go out for lab tests and doctors appointments which are rare, so that’s ok. Oh did I mention we live on the 4th floor and there’s no elevator? That’s actually motivating me to not go out much.

It’s gonna be a long 10 weeks…