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How to get the husband to clean up the living room

2 Feb

Tell him that he can bring his precious palm tree in from the cold but he has to look for a place to squeeze it in.

Et voila. Success!

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French 101

26 Jan

People say that it’s better to learn french if you’re planning to live in France. This girl says you only need 1 word. And I totally agree.

The power of this word is boundless.


Although with great power comes great responsibility.  So like she said, if you use it too much, it’s power will go away…and maybe you’ll indeed need to learn real french.


The Hostess with the Mostess

2 Feb

OMG!! I just discovered a new amazeballs blog that I can spend the rest of my work hours surfing on.

If you’re into party planning, this site is Ali Baba’s cave. Drool over the awesome themes, decorations and food. There’s inspiration for everything from bridal showers to a simple birthday party. And I’m using the word ‘simple’ loosely here.

I’m loving the Modern Moroccan theme. Last year, we went to Morocco for a friend’s birthday bash and we brought back some decorations. I’m thinking of doing this theme for the husband’s birthday party. But it’s kinda kitschy to have a Moroccan themed party when we were actually in Morocco for that other one.

I also like the Monkey Love themed party although it looks a bit too complicated. What with the monkey cake and all that. But then the husband is affectionately called Kiki the monkey by his family and there’s a private monkey joke between our friends. I might just need to change the color from pink to blue. Blue mojitos anyone?

There’s so many goodies that I can’t wait to finish with this blog post and start surfing again.

Share the goodness and inspiration and go to The Hostess with the Mostess NOW!

So beautiful I can cry.



* photos from The Hostess with the Mostess blog.

DIY camera strap tutorials

6 Aug

Loved them the first time I saw them. Although the husband might not want some flower-y strap on his, I do want one and want one now.

Oh how I wish I was a DIY sort of person. I seem to have been absent when they were giving out those sewing skills.

The first one is a tutorial for the whole strap. You can get that and other crafty tutorials from Ikat Bag.

The second one is actually a strap cover. You can head on over to Design*Sponge to know how to turn your lousy black camera strap to a funky colorful one.

And for more awesome tutorials and inspirations or anything related to orange, go check out How About Orange.