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Friday afternoon

23 May

I am tired, despite all the caffeine and sugar I’ve had today.
Zoe’s either still jetlagged or she found out that crying at 3 am gets her milk and, if she cries again, the middle part of our bed. So I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 2 weeks. Can baby jetlag really go on for 2 weeks?

But thank you, it’s Friday. And it’s time for another coffee with this sweet little guy.


Have a good weeekend folks.

xoxo, c

14 Oct

What is it with bosses and initials?

Our previous managing director signs his mails as -oa-. Minsan it actually means Over Acting. But it’s not. It’s his initials, obviously.

Our new MD signs his mails as just P. As if I’ll say “hello P, thanks for the mail.” It’s not as if he has a really long name and he doesn’t have 2 seconds to type all 6 letters. 5 if you don’t count the 2 Rs.

Does it have something to do with power and position? Like, I’m too important to have 2 seconds to write my name down?

If I start doing that, will people think I’m the boss of you and I have more pressing things to do?

Or nagpapa-cute lang ba sila?



33 week update

16 Oct

Yes! Nearly there. I am now 33 weeks and 2 days. They let me go home from the hospital at 31 weeks and 4 days. Ever since then, I have been chillin’ it out at home. Making sure the little one bakes in the oven a little longer.

The last 2 visits made by the midwife were good. In an hour of monitoring, 0 contractions.

I had a bit of a scare over the weekend. I thought my water started to leak and so I was stressing so bad I wasn’t able to sleep well. The forums on the internet didn’t help at all.

I asked my midwife about it yesterday and he said it wasn’t my water leaking and that I shouldn’t stress at all since the I wasn’t having contractions and the baby is doing real well. That assured me a lot. Whew!

Today, G and I went to the hospital for the follow up ultrasound and doctor’s appointment. It was a fun outing – especially after having been cooped up at home for weeks. The weather was even cooperative.

The little one now weighs 2.1 kilos. A very good weight for her age and the doctor said she has a good mop of hair already and is quite chubby. How cute is that. As usual, we couldn’t really make anything out on the screen, but we were shown the usual limbs, her ear, and organs. We weren’t able to see her face coz she was shy and she was moving a heck of a lot!

I’ve gained 2.8 kilos since last month’s’check up. Not bad. My cervix hasn’t changed since my hospital stint 2 weeks ago. What a relief!

A few more days and the 34 week goal will be reached. Everyone from my midwife to the ultrasound doctor told me that that’s a very positive sign. I just need to keep on resting and not to exert any unnecessary effort.

The problem is that my family’s arriving on Sunday and I’m super excited. I know I won’t be able to really “rest” while they’re here but I’ll try. I’m sure my mom’s gonna make sure I rest in bed anyway – while they go out and explore Paris. Boo!!!

I’m so excited!!!

The inevitable “what about me” drama

20 Sep

I know being on bedrest has been easier for me than it has been for the husband. He has been the one doing all the work: grocery shopping, the laundry, the dishes, random errands. And all that after a long day at work.

So I was glad when he told me he would be going out with friends this week. He deserves a bit of “me time”. I’m fine as long as I have something for dinner. He went grocery shopping and bought enough food for me to heat up for this week.

So he went out Tuesday night. But didn’t do the dishes – hasn’t done the dishes since the weekend. So I, who’s supposed to be “resting” had to do the dishes. I only washed what I needed and that already resulted to some contractions. Yikes. But I let it pass.

The next morning, before going to work, he did all the dishes. Fine. Good job,  A for effort.

Last night he went out again. He came home super sick and drunk. Nice! I had to take care of him and make sure he doesn’t get sicker or choke or something. I, of course I couldn’t sleep unless he was well enough not to get sick while sleeping. I didn’t mind doing that. He is after all my ourson a moi and I don’t want any harm to come to him. So I did really want to take care of him – even if it took more effort than washing a couple of plates.

The thing is, it’s just funny how the roles of being taken care of and the caretaker can switch automatically.

I get angry when he doesn’t do household chores and I end up doing them when I’m on bedrest but I don’t even think twice about cleaning up after him when he’s sick all over the place.

I wanted him to take a break from taking care of me but at the same time I wanted him not to want to take a real break. You know what I mean? He should not have that much fun as to forget about me and my situation.

Complicated, I know. But women can be complicated and add overactive hormones to that, well, you get a crazy wife.

Anyway, that’s this week’s drama. I guess we still need to work on this new routine (me not doing anything and him needing to do housework and clean).

On a positive note, this is good practice for when the bebe arrives. Right? Right?

I couldn’t stay mad at him because I know I need to cut him some slack and besides, he’s too mignon and I just couldn’t resist.

So tonight, he’s out again with friends. But this time around he came home first to make me dinner and tomorrow’s lunch and promised he won’t get drunk tonight. How sweet is that?

Battle scars

7 Sep

It has been more than a week since I got out of the hospital. But I still have a nasty bruise from the first IV attempt that failed.

I’ve been hospitalized at least 3 time back in the Philippines and I’ve always always had problems with veins and IV drips. I remember one time, my mom even scolded the nurse because she had to try 3 times on one hand and ended up putting it on the other hand, after an additional try.

I thought it was because the nurses were incompetent. But now I’m thinking it must be me and my weird veins.

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just ugly. And a constant reminder to always follow the doctor’s orders – or else I’d end up with worse battle scars.

But I still do hope it clears out soon.