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Today’s favorite photo + some senti thoughts

6 Sep

My husband isn’t really a “kids” person. He didn’t grow up with a big family, never went on vacation with cousins, never had to babysit cousins. Before he met me, he has never been in a room with more than 4 toddlers.

But things have changed. We’ve grown up, our friends grew up. He got used to my huge Filipino family (at least I think he has). Our friends had babies. Suddenly, instead of chain emails and jokes, they started sending pictures and updates of their kids. Instead of meeting up at bars after work, we started doing brunch at our homes.

My husband still isn’t a fan of kids. He’s just a fan of our families’ and friends’ kids (at least I think he is). My heart swells whenever I see him play with them.

He makes believe that he’s this macho devil-may-care guy but inside he’s such a teddy bear and I wuvvvv him to bits for it. I am soooo looking forward to seeing him with our little one.


MIL – nephew – G


PS – This post was brought about by insomnia, hence the senti tone.





What the Duck: ProcrastaSurfing

20 Feb

Today’s funnies is brought to you by What the Duck. More hilarious strips over at their website: What The Duck

I can totally relate.

Inconnu dans le metro

1 Feb

Trying out my new toy.

Damn you manual focus. I need to practice more.