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Friday afternoon

23 May

I am tired, despite all the caffeine and sugar I’ve had today.
Zoe’s either still jetlagged or she found out that crying at 3 am gets her milk and, if she cries again, the middle part of our bed. So I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 2 weeks. Can baby jetlag really go on for 2 weeks?

But thank you, it’s Friday. And it’s time for another coffee with this sweet little guy.


Have a good weeekend folks.


Broccoli and Sweet Potato Puree

21 Sep

This is a super simple recipe for baby food. You can give this well pureed from 6 months as long as baby has already had broccoli or sweet potato before.

Now that Zozo’s bigger, I don’t puree it as much as I did before. And I add some meat or cheese just before serving it. I usually make a huge batch and freeze it for later use.

Some people have a BabyCook but we already had a steamer and a hand mixer, so why spend more $$ for something that’s gonna do the same thing anyway?

There’s really no real measurement for this recipe. If you want the more broccoli taste then add more, if you’re not a fan (or your baby’s not a fan) then add less.

Here’s what I used:


1 head of broccoli

2 sweet potatoes

a bit of water to thin down the mixture (the sweet potato’s a bit starchy) – use formula or breastmilk if you prefer.




1. Cut everything up as evenly as possible. This way, the veggies are cooked at the same time.


2. Put in steaming basket and steam for 20 minutes or until everything is soft.


3. Put everything in a bowl, or your blender if you’re blending, and mix away until you reach your desired texture.


4. Add your preferred liquid to thin down the mixture.



I usually thin it down a bit more using water/formula and add a bit of olive oil just before serving. If I’m adding meat, I cook the meat separately, puree, then add it to the mix.

This time I added parmesan cream cheese.



I bought a pack of 3 ice cube trays to store Zozo’s food in. Once they’re frozen I transfer them to freezer bags labeled with what’s in them and the date they’re made.


Easy peasy.  I only spent maybe 3 euros for this batch. And the best part is – Zozo gets to eat fresh food make with love.

Starting solids

18 Sep

We started Z on solids when she was 6 months. We didn’t give her rice cereal nor put soup in her bottle (that was the first time I’ve heard about that – wala nyan sa pilipinas I guess). Her first solid food was pureed carrots and she surprisingly loved it. She didn’t gag or spit everything out. She actually opened her mouth and gobbled up the puree. I guess that’s the advantage of waiting until 6 months – the digestive system is more mature and they have outgrown the tongue thrust reflex so it’s easier to spoon feed.

We started giving her pureed vegetables for lunch. One kind for 2-3 days just to make sure she has no allergies plus her usual bottle of milk. She first had carrots, then green beans, sweet potato, green peas, broccoli. Then we started mixing the veggies up. After two weeks, we started giving her fruit puree at 4pm plus milk. Then we started giving her yogurt instead of milk for her 4pm snack. When she was 7 months and a half, she started eating meat. Now that she’s 9 months, she’s eating pureed veggies for dinner plus milk.

I was really excited when she started solids because it really felt like she was growing up and was able to share the wonders and flavors of real food with us. I’d make a batch of puree for her and freeze some of it for the next feeding. When we were traveling over the summer we had to resort to ready make bottled purees. It wasn’t that bad. When I can’t find organic ones, I’d choose the ones with no salt (Nestle’s Naturnes line was our favorite). Although we encountered a snag when we were in Italy. It was very hard to find vegetable puree in the supermarket. All they had were meat. And really grown up meat for that matter.

Baby food in Italia. Uhhhmmm, no thanks, will stick to parmesan and veggies for now. Bukas nalang yung rabbit.

rabbit, ostrich, horse – we’ll stick to parmesan and veggies for now, thank you very much

So it was a relief when the holidays were over. We were able to slide back into our old routine and give Z fresh home made food. It’s not that hard, really. I just puree the same vegetables that I make for our dinner et voila. It’s just a pain now that she’s getting picky with what she eats. But we just try the same food again another day until she decides it’s actually not bad.

The next thing we’ll know, she’ll be eating bowls of pasta and pots of creme a la vanille  with her dad in no time.

Or rice and tuyo or adobo or sinigang.

Hospital food is hospital food

4 Sep

One would have thought that hospital food in the land of gourmets would be better anywhere else. One would have.

It sure looks good. And they give you a small part of cheese and pretty good yogurt with it, so that’s nice. But when it comes to taste, I guess hospital food will always be hospital food.

Also, I’ve never seen green carrot soup before that one meal. But beggars can’t be choosers.

And it made me appreciate the creamy carbonara with tons of bacon that the husband wonderfully made for me the night I came home. Now that’s a meal I’d love to get at the hospital.

Tartare de boeuf – yay or nay?

28 Feb

Remember that episode of Mr. Bean wherein he orders from a french restaurant and it turned out to be raw ground meat? He ended up hiding parts of it under the glass, in the bread, in an old lady’s bag…You get the idea.

Well that dish is called Tartare de Boeuf. Basically it’s raw meat. Traditionally it’s a piece of steak that’s sliced and minced really finely. It’s seasoned with shallots, capers, cornichons, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and a raw egg.

Strange, I know, but the French love it. Every time one of our friends order it in a restaurant I always always ask how in the world are they able to eat raw meat. And they always always answer that it’s because it’s good. And then remind me that it’s just like sushi – but with meat. So my curiosity got the best of me. I’ve been thinking of trying out this steak tartare for a long time now. But I want to try it in a good, sure restaurant. I have no plans of getting sick and vomiting the whole night.

So the other day, when we went to celebrate a friend’s new work contract, I finally did it. I ordered the Tartare de boeuf with sun dried tomatoes.


I loved it!!!!!

The texture didn’t bother me at all. I loved the pepz of the capers and sun dried tomatoes with the meat. I don’t know if I can describe it as like eating steak but softer coz it didn’t feel like it was steak.

So another culinary discovery, another favorite dish. Tartare de boeuf is definitely a YAY for me!!

Quick’s Jedi Burger and Dark Burger

21 Feb

You probably know by now that they released a 3D version of Star Wars: Episode 1. I didn’t know – until my brother told me to try Quick’s Star Wars burger. I was like “What?! Why the heck are they doing Star Wars burgers? It’s so 1999”. But it’s not. It was for the 3D version.

So just like for their Foie Gras burger promotion, I dragged the poor husband off to the nearest Quick and got us some Star Wars burgers. He got the Dark Burger (because he’s evil) and I got the Jedi Burger (because I’m nice and bubbly).

This was the ad that my brother sent me:

What the heck? Black burger right? That was one of my selling points to the husband when I was dragging him to the fastfood chain. And he kept on asking me what made the bread black.


This was what the real thing looked like:


So the Dark Burger was not black. It was actually orange with poppy seeds on it.

A lot of people were asking what the weird square stuff was on the Jedi Burger. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t see anything of the sort on the real burger. But I think it’s cheese – because there was cheese on the real one. It didn’t look as appetizing as the Dark one though. It just looked so sad. I actually made a sad face when I opened the box.


As for the taste, I liked the Dark one better. It had more stuff in it – some lettuce, a couple slices of tomatoes and the orange bun was a bit weird but maybe it did add a bit to the taste. The pepper sauce was a bit too strong for my taste but you do know that it’s pepper sauce. The Jedi burger you need to forget about. Beurk is one way I can describe it. It’s just a plain meat sandwich with cheese. Nothing to add to the burger. I don’t know what kind of cheese those little squares are because there’s no distinct taste. And the mustard sauce? What mustard sauce? I didn’t really taste that either. All I know is I ate 2 burger patties with bread.


It is kinda amusing to try those promotional burgers – but only if they are able to make it taste good as well. I’m sure I’ll try more of those types of burgers in the future just because I’m a sucker for novelty.  But once you’ve tried one, there’s really no reason to go back and get the same thing again (especially not the Jedi Burger).



Sunday is market day

19 Feb

It has been a while since I’ve woken up early enough, on a Sunday, or should I say it has been a while since I wasn’t lazy enough to go down early on a Sunday and check out the open market just a block away from our place.

It’s a very small market compared to other areas but I can get most of what I need and the quality of the food is really good. It is relatively more expensive than the supermarket but it’s fresher and, well,  it’s such a french thing to do.

The oysters are crazy expensive. You have to pay 1 euro to get them opened. In Iloilo, where my mom is from, 1 euro (60 pesos) is already for half a sack of oysters.

This is where we buy flowers whenever we’re invited to Sunday lunch.

It still creeps me out whenever I see whole butchered rabbits on the stalls.

There are a whole lot other stalls that I wasn’t able to take pictures of.   There are a couple of poissoiniers, fromageres, people who sell bags, accessories, and a lot more. Even if you’re not going to buy anything, it’s just interesting to go to a marche and people watch.

Maybe in the summer, when there are more vendors I’ll try to go more regularly.