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Should I listen to the child psychologist?

2 Oct

So Zozo’s assistant maternelle went to the Relais yesterday. The Relais is a place where the AMs go to meet once a week to do activities with the kids and to talk with the other child minders and child care professionals.

She said that Zozo loved it there. The moment they stepped into the room and she saw the toys and other kids, she started to get excited. The other child minders loved her, well, mostly her wild hair and huge eyes. There was also a child psychologist who evaluates the kids and gives advice on how to improve their development.

She evaluated Zoe and she said that she’s A-OK except for the fact that her motor skills are not “there” yet. She can sit alright but apparently she’s “blocked”. She wants to move, but can’t and so she just sits there and looks around. She said that Zozo’s not ready to be sitting up the whole time yet and we should choose to put her on her tummy more than letting her sit and to try to help her crawl or get onto all fours.

When the AM told me about the evaluation I was obviously flustered. My first thought was “Oh no, Zoe’s not gonna be able to walk, ever.” Ok, I know it was a bit exaggerated but I honestly got nervous right away. Is she that delayed? I know she’s able to support herself really well sitting down and can turn and can reach for things sitting down – but is that a bad thing? I suddenly felt like a bad mother – honestly. Are we hindering our child’s development? Should we have done something else or did we do something wrong?

All those questions were entering my mind while I was walking to work this morning. I talked to G about it and he said all babies develop the skills in their own time. I know that – but I’ve also read that if your child isn’t reaching his/her milestones then you should talk about it with your doctor. I also talked to a friend whose 1 year old son is now walking around. She said that the psychologist said the same thing about her son when he was younger – and her son just stood up and started wobbly walking around just like that in 1 day.

So I’m confused. I don’t know if I should be worried or not.  I’ve been thinking of new exercise games with Zozo to motivate her to sit or crawl on her own but every time I put her on her tummy, she rolls to her back and stays like that.

Am I putting too much pressure on myself? On Zozo? Or is there really something wrong with her development?


Broccoli and Sweet Potato Puree

21 Sep

This is a super simple recipe for baby food. You can give this well pureed from 6 months as long as baby has already had broccoli or sweet potato before.

Now that Zozo’s bigger, I don’t puree it as much as I did before. And I add some meat or cheese just before serving it. I usually make a huge batch and freeze it for later use.

Some people have a BabyCook but we already had a steamer and a hand mixer, so why spend more $$ for something that’s gonna do the same thing anyway?

There’s really no real measurement for this recipe. If you want the more broccoli taste then add more, if you’re not a fan (or your baby’s not a fan) then add less.

Here’s what I used:


1 head of broccoli

2 sweet potatoes

a bit of water to thin down the mixture (the sweet potato’s a bit starchy) – use formula or breastmilk if you prefer.




1. Cut everything up as evenly as possible. This way, the veggies are cooked at the same time.


2. Put in steaming basket and steam for 20 minutes or until everything is soft.


3. Put everything in a bowl, or your blender if you’re blending, and mix away until you reach your desired texture.


4. Add your preferred liquid to thin down the mixture.



I usually thin it down a bit more using water/formula and add a bit of olive oil just before serving. If I’m adding meat, I cook the meat separately, puree, then add it to the mix.

This time I added parmesan cream cheese.



I bought a pack of 3 ice cube trays to store Zozo’s food in. Once they’re frozen I transfer them to freezer bags labeled with what’s in them and the date they’re made.


Easy peasy.  I only spent maybe 3 euros for this batch. And the best part is – Zozo gets to eat fresh food make with love.

Wawa the bata

20 Sep

And so I’m on the couch, again. And the little one’s sleeping on me, again.

The two of us are absent today. Zozo from the nanny and I from work. I brought her to the doctor yesterday and confirmed that she has gastro.

No meds were given aside from a rehydrating solution for her to drink whenever she wants. Which is never, by the way.

She slept fine on her own last night. But this morning after dressing her up to go to the nanny she vomited her milk again.

So here we are. Chilling at home. Well, she’s chilling and I’m in a weird position trying to not let her fall off of me.

Thank god it’s friday.

But then again, there are no weekends for parenting. Wawa me.

Wednesday. 2 am. Couch.

19 Sep

It’s wednesday, 2 am and I’m half seated half lying down on the couch.

At around 10 pm, the little girl woke up and vomited all over her bed. She had beets last night by the way. So we weren’t surprised to see red everywhere. Poor petit mouton’s grey coat (it used to be white) had flecks of beet and meusli in it.

I would have found it normal if she had just vomited 2/3 times and went back to blissful sleep. But no. She has been semi dry retching since then and I’m scared to put her down as she might choke.

And so here I am on the couch with her sleeping on my lap. Sleeping reclined seems to work fine for her because she was able to sleep for 2 hours without retching until I put her down on the bed. 5 minutes after, she started vomiting saliva again.

Did no one hear me say I was already tired? And now I’m tired and worried. *Sigh*

She’s sleeping now but if she doesn’t get better tomorrow, I’m gonna take her to the doctor.

Mom duties above all else.

Get well soon little monkey.

Starting solids

18 Sep

We started Z on solids when she was 6 months. We didn’t give her rice cereal nor put soup in her bottle (that was the first time I’ve heard about that – wala nyan sa pilipinas I guess). Her first solid food was pureed carrots and she surprisingly loved it. She didn’t gag or spit everything out. She actually opened her mouth and gobbled up the puree. I guess that’s the advantage of waiting until 6 months – the digestive system is more mature and they have outgrown the tongue thrust reflex so it’s easier to spoon feed.

We started giving her pureed vegetables for lunch. One kind for 2-3 days just to make sure she has no allergies plus her usual bottle of milk. She first had carrots, then green beans, sweet potato, green peas, broccoli. Then we started mixing the veggies up. After two weeks, we started giving her fruit puree at 4pm plus milk. Then we started giving her yogurt instead of milk for her 4pm snack. When she was 7 months and a half, she started eating meat. Now that she’s 9 months, she’s eating pureed veggies for dinner plus milk.

I was really excited when she started solids because it really felt like she was growing up and was able to share the wonders and flavors of real food with us. I’d make a batch of puree for her and freeze some of it for the next feeding. When we were traveling over the summer we had to resort to ready make bottled purees. It wasn’t that bad. When I can’t find organic ones, I’d choose the ones with no salt (Nestle’s Naturnes line was our favorite). Although we encountered a snag when we were in Italy. It was very hard to find vegetable puree in the supermarket. All they had were meat. And really grown up meat for that matter.

Baby food in Italia. Uhhhmmm, no thanks, will stick to parmesan and veggies for now. Bukas nalang yung rabbit.

rabbit, ostrich, horse – we’ll stick to parmesan and veggies for now, thank you very much

So it was a relief when the holidays were over. We were able to slide back into our old routine and give Z fresh home made food. It’s not that hard, really. I just puree the same vegetables that I make for our dinner et voila. It’s just a pain now that she’s getting picky with what she eats. But we just try the same food again another day until she decides it’s actually not bad.

The next thing we’ll know, she’ll be eating bowls of pasta and pots of creme a la vanille  with her dad in no time.

Or rice and tuyo or adobo or sinigang.

Spell Tired. M-E

17 Sep

Has it been 9 months already? How fast time flies and at the same time it feels like it has been forever. I am dead tired.

Between work and household chores and a whining baby – I sometimes just feel like I don’t have any energy left to do anything else. Even watching TV feels like a chore. I’m just thankful that Z has been doing her nights since she was 3 months old – if not, then I would definitely just be plain dead.

But there are also times when all that work seems like nothing and I have the energy to go all week being super mom. It’s weird. Maybe I’m becoming schizo. Or maybe that’s just how being a mom is.

Recently the little monkey has been more of little monster. She’s having separation issues – always needs to be near me or in my arms. Plus she’s becoming more mobile – rolling all over the place. We have to make sure she doesn’t fall or hit her head somewhere.

I started her on solids when she was 6 months, only during lunch. And now she’s also eating dinner with us. She used to love everything we give her – but now she’s tasting everything first before deciding if she’ll open her mouth for the next spoonful. And then doesn’t open her mouth at all if she doesn’t like it. She also prefers to eat our food, it seems, more than hers.

Sometimes I feel want her to go back to the way she was – when she’ll just sleep after every feeding and just played by herself lying down. And sometimes I want her to start talking and walking so we can play more.

And all those schizo feelings make me tired. T-I-R-E-D. Physically tired. But despite that, I absolutely love this stage in my life and will not exchange it for anything.

Now where did I put that vitamin C?…


She’s here

31 Jan

Yes, I’m a momma. After months of bedrest, the little monkey decided to come out and see the world on my 39th week – November 26, 2012.

That’s right, that was two months ago. And for you mommas out there you know what it’s like those first few weeks. I’ve only recently really been able to “breath” and find time to resume virtual activities.

We’re really ecstatic and amazed by this little ball of hair. But with it also comes the stress of looking for childcare options and resuming work and just mainly reorganising our already chaotic lives.

I’ll try to blog and share as much as I can…if only to keep me sane sometimes.
Writing this has actually made me miss it.

I have a feeling this blog will finally start to be more personal…


baby haul-6