Wednesday. 2 am. Couch.

19 Sep

It’s wednesday, 2 am and I’m half seated half lying down on the couch.

At around 10 pm, the little girl woke up and vomited all over her bed. She had beets last night by the way. So we weren’t surprised to see red everywhere. Poor petit mouton’s grey coat (it used to be white) had flecks of beet and meusli in it.

I would have found it normal if she had just vomited 2/3 times and went back to blissful sleep. But no. She has been semi dry retching since then and I’m scared to put her down as she might choke.

And so here I am on the couch with her sleeping on my lap. Sleeping reclined seems to work fine for her because she was able to sleep for 2 hours without retching until I put her down on the bed. 5 minutes after, she started vomiting saliva again.

Did no one hear me say I was already tired? And now I’m tired and worried. *Sigh*

She’s sleeping now but if she doesn’t get better tomorrow, I’m gonna take her to the doctor.

Mom duties above all else.

Get well soon little monkey.


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