Semi Free at last

28 Sep

I’m finally off the line but not off the hook yet. After 48 hours of anti-contraction meds and meds to develop the baby’s lungs, they finally took out the dextrose.

No more lugging around that huge pole and huge syringe dispenser contraption. That was driving me crazy. It kept on beeping every couple of hours or so to be refilled.

They’re still planning on keeping me for another week though, until I get to 32 weeks just for observation and if ever the little one decided to make her grand appearance earlier than expected, we’ll be taken into care right away.

I’m just on oral contraction meds now. I haven’t needed to take the stronger one, so that’s a relief. I think I can now distinguish between a contraction and the baby just kicking up a storm.

We’re just taking it day by day for now. A day earned is a day earned for the baby’s development. There’s still a big chance that I’ll give birth prematurely but definitely not today and not this early.

Whew! Hang on little one! You’ll get your chance to see the world soon. But for now, stay where you are!!!!


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