30 week update

27 Sep

Aaaannddd…I’m back. At the hospital I mean.

I was supposed to do this awesome 30 week update on how I managed to stay that long on bed rest. I was just waiting for my midwife’s visit to take a photo of the monitoring paper thing showing no contractions so I can show the world how good it’s coming along.

But chances were not on my favor. Although I was feeling well and not feeling anything/contractions, the machine begged to disagree.

I was having contractions every 2 minutes.

Scared the heck out of me. My midwife told me to go to the ER to get checked up coz my cervix might have modified again.

So here I am, confined at the hospital since Tuesday afternoon. My cervix has shortened again to 10 mm and is a bit dilated. The bebe is really low too.

Diagnosis: severe danger of premature birth (I’m just translating from french, I’m not sure about the real english translation)

At 30 weeks, it’s really early and the baby will definitely need to stay at the NICU for a long long time. Good thing the meds they gave me was able to limit the contractions to a normal level/frequence.

So they’re keeping me here for a couple of days to make sure all’s well and stable. So far, so good. I think all the crazy activity from last week was what triggered it. Now I’m promising myself more self restrain and to really just stick to lounging on the bed the whole time.

Wish us luck!!


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