Oral glucose tolerance test

11 Sep

I was up and about early yesterday for my oral glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes. It’s usually done around 26-28 weeks of pregnancy. And it’s horrible.


Basically, you need to go to the lab early in the morning “a jeun” with this:


A sachet of pure glucose powder. First they draw blood, a jeun. Then they make you drink 75g of sugar diluted in water. Disgusting. Then you wait an hour, they draw blood again. Then you wait another hour, and they draw blood again.


A jeun means you shouldn’t eat nor drink anything before going there. So you get up, take a shower and go. We left the house at 7:45 because the husband wanted to help me go down the four flight of stairs from our flat. How sweet. So I was at the pharmacy to buy my glucose at 7:50. Except that they open at 8. I go to the ATM to get cash, it was out of service. Nice.

So I decided to go to the lab anyway and just buy my glucose when the pharmacy opens in a few minutes. Good thing I did that because there was a long line at the lab and I was able to buy what I needed waaayyy before it was my turn.

I don’t mind being pricked and prodded. But waiting in a small room for almost 3 hours and having to drink that horrible horrible concoction really killed me.

The taste was just indescribable but it smelled and tasted nasty. My doctor actually told me that I can add a bit of lemon in it, but I thought she was exaggerating. Well, she wasn’t. It’s not even like unflavored soda. It was just BEURK! I’d rather eat a kilo of Fraises Tagada than drink this stuff.

I think I had a few contractions while waiting and almost fainted after drinking all that sugar. The lab technician said that it’s normal to feel that way after drinking all that sugar. I was super hot, dizzy, I felt like I needed to vomit and my heart was beating uber fast it was scary.


Anyway, I left the lab at around 11ish and was super hungry. I haven’t eaten since 7 am and for a pregnant woman, that’s like torture.

So to compensate myself for being brave and patient, I went to get McDonald’s for lunch and got me a maxi BigMac meal. I know, I know, it’s not healthy, etc etc. But I really needed something to take my mind off that glucose drink. Yuck.


I won’t know the results until later today. I’m hoping it’s all negative so I can continue eating Nutella every morning and finishing 1 bar of Nestle Crunch in one sitting.


Kidding! Kidding!




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