Getting my grandma groove on

5 Sep

Compression stockings.

It’s not the sexiest hosiery in the world but it sure is a pregnant woman on bed rest’s constant companion. Old ladies and pregnant women.



The idea being that being on bed rest, one cannot go out to walk and exercise her legs for better blood circulation. And so compression stockings help relieve swelling on the veins and improve blood circulation and thus prevents tiredness, heaviness, tension on the legs, cramps and swollen ankles and feet and of course, varicose veins.

They are more compact and tighter than regular hosiery and I find that they are very hard to put on.

According to my midwife, I have to put these on every single day – the whole day. I was given a prescription for 2 of these. Yes, a prescription. I had to get these at the pharmacy (and of course didn’t pay a dime for it). I got one in nude and one in black.

A bit of lacy ends does make the black one sexier. But not in shorts.



The husband even checks up on me and makes sure I wear these, even though he’s a stickler for being “sexy” and “presentable” even at home. So I guess the lacy tops works for him a bit *snicker*.


Although a lot of women, even not pregnant ones, get these for airplane rides, I still think they’re kinda funny. They definitely remind me of old ladies pulling grocery carts in the street.

But who cares if they look funny. What’s important are the benefits one gets when using these. So, I’m all for it.

Come one compression stockings! Let’s get our grandma groove on.



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