Keeping busy. And it’s only week 2.

3 Sep

Thank god for girl friends and mindless reading material. These are my companions for the next couple of days – or maybe just a day or two. I’m trying to pace myself and alternating between watching reruns (for now, it’s Boston Legal) and fashion magazines/tabloids.


I know the husband will just be itching for a bit of intellectual banter when he comes home tonight, so I started with Voici. Boy, will he be excited to know the latest gossip about Johnny Hallyday and other personalities. Not! I think 5 neurons just died while I was reading that.


In other news, the midwife came to visit a few hours ago. He said (yes, it’s a he) that the baby was looking good. Fetal heart rate was impeccable, no contractions, more impeccable and no infections, another impeccable.  I just need to keep doing whatever I’m doing – that is, lying down and doing nothing. I can go out for lab tests and doctors appointments which are rare, so that’s ok. Oh did I mention we live on the 4th floor and there’s no elevator? That’s actually motivating me to not go out much.

It’s gonna be a long 10 weeks…



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