27 weeks and bedrest

3 Sep

It’s a cloudy, gray, Parisian morning and I’m posting this in bed. I’m in bed not because it’s cuddle weather.

Last week, after a huge scare, I was put on bed rest because my cervix has shortened. It’s still closed, and for that I am super thankful. But my doctors do not want my cervix to shorten more than it already has so they’ve put me on modified bed rest until 37 weeks.

I was confined at the hospital for 2 and a half days and they sent me home after not having contractions for those 2 days. Funny though how the minute I got back home, I felt one. Anyway.

So they gave me the usual meds and a prescription for a midwife (in my case, a midhusband?) to come see me once a week. And the icing on the cake – I didn’t have to pay for anything because of the French social security system. Even my meds and midwife fees are all covered by the health care system. How awesome is that?

And so here I am. Impatiently waiting for those 10 weeks to pass. I’m doing my best to not do anything at home – and according to my husband, I’m very good at that. I’m really just itching to clean up or do the laundry or something but I know staying put is what’s best for the baby. So I’m staying put.


That said, you’ll probably be seeing more of me in the coming weeks, posting about anything or nothing at all. Tell me, what made you sane or will make you sane if you were on bed rest?



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