21 Mar

So I’m 5 months late in posting my Japan entries. I stopped at Kyoto – the same date I stopped writing on my Japan travel diary/notebook. What a koinkidink.

I haven’t finished sorting photos from our weekend in Lille and the Dunkerque festival (where the men dressed up as girls!! Yes, I’m looking at you, my hoosband!).

Then there was the weekend in Venice where the hoosband was sick. Le pauvre! But he had his pasta and sun dried tomatoes so at least all that walking while coughing/snorting wasn’t for nothing.

And now I’m going to add to my backlog.

Tomorrow’s my last day before a very short 2 week break in Brazil. We’ll just be going around Rio and the Minas Gerias or something region. It’s going to be our first time in South America so wish us luck. We won’t be bringing our big guns (read: DSLRs), no jewelry, no big logos/brands on clothes. Just plain shorts and tank top will do.

The weight of my pack for summer in Brazil is only half of it’s weight for Japan in autumn. No boots this time. I’m only bringing a pair of Havaianas and Bensimon sneakers. That’s it. I’ll probably shop more there. I can’t believe they sell Havaianas at the supermarket over there. But to see is to believe.

So I’m half excited and half scared. I don’t want to end up in some random favela and get mugged senseless.

So if any of you have tips, I’d appreciate it. We’re only staying in Rio for 3 nights by the way. The scared me won over the beachbum me. Besides there are better beaches elsewhere – like Paraty or Ilha Grande.

We’ll see.

Wish us luck and see you in a few weeks!!!


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