Lotsa drafts

12 Mar

Wow it has been a long time since I last posted. Although I have 3 drafts already made up, I haven’t had time to fine tune them and fix the photos, etc. The WordPress app for Blackberry doesn’t really give you options of where to put the photos, borders, etc.

Three weeks ago we spent the weekend with amazing friends in Lille and did the Dunkerque carnival – where the men dress up as girls. It was more fun teasing the guys and shopping for their costumes than actually being in the carnival. Or maybe 50-50.

Then it was pre-hell week at work. Then it was the Venice weekend. Then hell week at work. Then my in laws were in town.

And so here I am, back to blogging.

Honestly it was quite a relief not being in front of the computer all the time (aside from work of course). I realized that I still can live without Facebook, without Twitter, without aimlessly wandering in the interwebz.

But now that the stress is gone – at least for this week – I am kind of lost as to what to do next. And so I find myself back in Facebook, back in Twitter and back to wandering aimlessly in the interwebz.

“Hello world!”

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