24 Feb

Yesterday was a weird day for me. It all started when I arrived in our building. Our guardian, who’s usually cheerful, told me in a serious voice to check if anything has been taken from our office – someone broke in the night before and went into a couple of offices.

I said OK but didn’t really think much of it. I opened our office door – it was locked properly, no signs of damage to the door. The first thing I saw were our Macs and monitors. They are all there. I even checked if our Nespresso machine was still there – it still was. Although I did notice a couple of drawers open – which indeed is unusual. So I walk to my desk and I saw 2 post it notes stuck on my monitor with a message to some girl named Elodie. I knew that the cleaning lady wouldn’t have put that there. And I think that was when it hit me – someone else was in the office. But didn’t take anything??


Then the police came and asked questions. I told them that some drawers were open when I came in. They asked if I was the one who put back the drawers and I said yes. The guy scolded me for touching “evidence”, the usual.

Apparently the crook pretended he was from one of the offices and so the cleaning lady let him in. He told her that  he was just gonna leave some messages for his other colleagues in other office and so the cleaning lady let him do his thing.

His thing was to steal 2 laptops and a bag from one of the offices.

I was just glad he didn’t get any of our stuff. The police guy was even surprised that he didn’t try to get the Macs since they sell hot in the black market. But then maybe they were too bulky and it would be too obvious if he came out with huge pieces of machines under his arms. 2 laptops in a stolen bag was more discreet.

I was able to see the video surveillance tapes too. I sort of “hung around” the guardien’s office while they were looking at the tapes and discussing.

The guy was ultra mega creepy.

And I’m creeped out not knowing what exactly he did in our office. I’m sure he touched my stuff – did he wipe his snot on my table or something? Grosssssss!!!!!

So I spent the day talking to the police, to the landlord, to the cleaning company and to the locksmith. We decided that even though the guy didn’t have keys to our office we might as well be safe than sorry. But then again, changing the locks might be a bit too much. Our building after all is locked.

So that was my semi CSI moment and first time meeting with Paris police. Oh well. All in a day’s work. I am so glad it’s nearly the weekend.


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