Who’s having a pseudo-winter now?

6 Feb

The weather is mocking me. I come from a warm country. So one would think that I like the cold. Wrong.

Well, half wrong. I used to turn on the airconditioning the minute I walk into the room. I was the kind of girl who’d fix the fan on herself on full blast. But that was before I met my husband. He influenced me (and I let myself be influenced) to not like the aircon and electric fan that much. Now I get sick when I leave the aircon on the whole night.

And after experiencing that one harsh winter, I was sold. I’d rather steam myself in a hot beach than live through this darn cold.

After raving about this winter’s almost record breaking high temperatures, this is what greeted me yesterday morning.

And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any warmer soon.

That reminds me – I have to pass by Uniqlo to check out some warmer clothes.


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