Je t’ai eu!

23 Jan

I got you! Yesterday while making ligid-ligid (you’ll only get this if you’re Ilonggo) on a Sunday afternoon, I caught the husband reading my blog. Yes you!

I know he reads my blog sometimes but it just felt weird with him reading it beside me like I wasn’t there. Then he asks me what sneaky meant referring to the Cambridge Satchel post. Mwahahahaha. For a while there I wanted to tell him it’s some mean word that means something evil. But I couldn’t help it, he worked his sad innocent puppy dog eyes on me and I had to tell him what it really meant and he was all happy.

But now I know how he became such a sneaky sneaky sneak. I overheard him telling a friend that whenever I mention something I like, he writes it down on his phone. Then if I mention it again and again then he knows that it’s something I really like. And thus he has a list of gifts or things to buy for me whenever there’s a big occasion.

Sneaky sneaky sneak sneak. I tell ya.


But now I know his style, I think I’ll mess it up a bit. Just to see if he’s paying attention. <insert evil laugh here>.



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