2 more days til the weekend.

4 Jan

My eyes are getting heavy, and itchy, and they sting. It’s my body’s way of telling me that I should get some rest soon. It’s only wednesday. 2 more days before the weekend.

And only 3 days into the new year’s work week. I might have done too much too fast that I’ve burned out.

Last night a friend of ours slept over. We ended up rolling and chatted away til the wee hours of the morning. So it was no surprise that I had trouble getting up this morning. I didn’t get to make coffee but I was so hungry that I had to make me an omelet. Because of that I arrived late at work.

And work is another thing all together. Today was better than the other day since the annoying guy didn’t bother me today but I had to catch up on some outstanding tickets assigned to me.

I was hoping for the husband to arrive home before me and start making dinner…but no, I arrived home first. So I started dinner.

And now we’re just chilling on the couch watching Daredevil on TV. Well he’s watching and I’m tinkering with my phone. But I can already feel my eyes dropping and soon, my body will too.

And it’s still 2 days before the weekend.

Positive thinking. I can do this.
Any suggestions on how I can have more energy to last me until Friday? Help!

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