Stress Drilon to greet the new year

2 Jan

Today is the first working day of the year.

It was supposed to be fun and exciting. I woke up early (read: 8am) to make breakfast (read: cereals) and coffee. Left home on time, arrived at work on time (read: 10 mins late). I had a good feeling and diligently worked the morning away.

Really, I worked.

Then something (read: someone) came up and ruined everything. I have never had any patience for this someone. You know the feeling wherein you just don’t get along with that know-it-all girl in college and that whenever you see her you feel like pulling her hair out? Yes, that feeling.

Well this someone is even worse. I just see his name on my screen and I just feel like clawing his eyes out. I can’t say what I feel like doing when I actually see this person because I know you’d think less of me. But I’ll say it anyway coz I can’t help it. I feel like kicking him in the nuggets and throwing him out the window. So much hate right?

It’s bad for the health.

But lo and behold, in the middle of ranting to a colleague about him, I turn to the window and see this.

A double rainbow!!! Smack in the middle of Paris. Amazing right?

I think the 2012 gods are still rooting for me, for this year to be an awesome year and this is their way of letting me know.

So life goes on. I still don’t like the guy but at least I’m not as angry as 2 hours ago.

And most importantly I still think that this is going to be an unforgettable year.


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