It’s easier to post with a Blackberry

2 Jan

The last 2 posts were actually written on the WordPress for Blackberry application.

I have tried the WordPress app on the Iphone and an HTC (android) phone before but so far I’m loving the one for the Blackberry the most. Part of it is the fact that I like typing on a full azerty keypad than a touchscreen one. Hence the switch to a BB. But that’s another story for another time. This is about the app.

The first app I’ve used was the Iphone one. I blogged about it before. Since it was the first one I’ve used I liked it right away. I was blogging in bed. Most of the features I usually used where there. So I took it as it was.

Then I got an HTC phone and I dowloaded WordPress for Android. I had the phone longer so I was able to use the app longer too. What I liked about it is that it had the stats of the blog. Until now, with my husband’s Iphone, I still can’t find where the stats are on the Iphone app.

But I really found it tiring to type on a touchscreen. Much more whole blog posts. Imagine the finger cramps.

So now I have a Blackberry. It’s true that there are not a lot of apps on the BB OS but WordPress is so far one of the apps I’ve used the most.

The editing layout is simple but effective. In the first 5 minutes and first test post I’ve found out how to attach pictures, add tabs and sort the categories. Although I still think I’m going to get finger cramps in 5 more minutes, I’ve pressed the back button in 3 long posts compared to 1 on a touchscreen phone. The chicklet-y keys on the BB remind me of the old Nokia phones when we used to be able to text without looking at the keypad.

I also like the easy access font options just below the text field. It makes formatting so much easier. There’s a spell checker, an option to copy an exerpt, and I can preview my post before either saving it as a draft on my phone, draft online, pending review or just publishing right away.

I think I’m going to post more often now that I have the BB version on the app. It’s just so inspiring and convenient.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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