Back to work

22 Nov

Going back to work is a pain. I took 5 weeks off in March to go do nothing in the Philippines and when I got back to Paris it was soooooo difficult to go back into the Parisian rhythm. After that trip, I promised myself that I’ll take a maximum of 3 weeks off for vacation next time because I really can’t handle the stress of going back to work.

Well, I was right – sort of. We just came back from a 2 week holiday and I was actually glad to be back at work. Being on constant tourist mode has its drawbacks too. Towards the end of our trip I started wishing for some sort of routine. Even if it’s just sleeping in the same bed for more than 3 nights in a row. And cooking – oh how I missed cooking.

So now I’ve jumped back into our old Paris routine = a milder version of metro, boulot, dodo.


And since we’re not waking up at 7am anymore to try to catch the first train or walking around all day to take in all, if not most of the sights I have time again to go grocery shopping in peace, to watch a couple episodes of NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy every now and then, do the laundry (haha), sort and edit vacation photos – and of course, post them on my blog.




So stay tuned as I try to share some of our last major holiday for 2011….and whine about too much work and start planning on the next major holiday.


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