21 Sep

Gaahhhh. I am sooo tired and it’s only Wednesday.  It’s probably partly because of the Rugby World Cup games that are being shown very early in the morning. 10 am is very early on a Saturday and is even earlier on a Sunday I tell you. And all that cheering energy spent in the morning can really take your wind out.

Then there was the pretzel making session. Then we went and babysat for a friend on Sunday. Okay the baby sitting wasn’t much work. We sort of mostly bummed around the house and played and made fun of the uber cute baby. Then we had to do a quick stop on the Champs Elysees (where stores are open on Sundays) to look for a black dress shirt for the husband.

Then we had to be out of the house at 6:30 am Monday to catch a train to Normandy for G’s grandfather’s funeral. A very long and interesting day. I was able to meet the Sicilian side of the family. They flew in from Italy for the funeral and to take back some of the ashes of G’s grandpa to be buried at the family mausoleum in Sicily.

Then yesterday at work I had to deal with backlog from Monday and gripes and issues about one of our suppliers. Then rush and meet friends at our favorite bar after work. We obviously got back late and full and tipsy.

Then today I had to go early in the morning to submit the papers needed for my UK visa application for work. I still find it weird that I get to go to the UK for free if I tag along with G but if I go alone I’d need to pay for it. Then arrive at work to deal with backlog from being out in the morning.

Then this evening I have to run over to the Unesco to see the UST singers. The concert is at 19h30 and I finish work at 19h. Tell me how I can get there in less than 30 minutes from Rambuteau. A puzzle.


So now I’m all stressed out and tired and my eyes are itchy and my nose is runny – a sure sign that I am tired. And it’s only 6pm. The night is still long.


Hopefully tomorrow will be easier. I am soooo looking forward to the weekend.


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