15 Sep

I’ve looked at a couple of cool blogs recently and I asked myself how come I can’t write about stuff like they do? Dahil ba not very personal ang nilalagay ko sa blog? There’s not a lot of spice in my life? Or I’m not a very interesting person? How sad naman.


Then I went back to the other blogs I’ve had when I was young and carefree. Wow, I posted pala that I’m a shy pee-er. Personal kung personal. But it was more fun to read. I was able to really write what I thought about things without thinking of what others might think. I didn’t care if there were no pretty pictures in each post. Basta sulat lang ng sulat.


I miss those days. Kasi naman, I think nahawa na ako sa mentality of the husband. He doesn’t like to tell the whole world about his life. He doesn’t have Facebook nor Twitter nor any social networking accounts. Old school siya. When he wants to announce something to his friends, he calls them up or meets up with them – allergic din ng slight sa text.  Pero he reads my blog. And that’s why I can’t really share more personal stuff here. Kung hindi papagalitan ako hehe. Tapos he’ll look at me with his puppy dog eyes and kawawa pout then I’d be forced to delete personal posts.


Pero that was then. Haha. After reading and being inspired by The Gasoline Dude’s blog, I’ve decided to continue writing down my thoughts in here. Kebs na kung sino man makakabasa – or not.

So yun.



See, that was fun. I’m inspired by this post already.


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