You’re mine Recipe Journal!

10 Aug

I have low EQ.

A few weeks after discovering the Moleskin Passion Journals online I just had to go to BHV to see if they had the series. I just wanted to look. But I found myself walking away from the aisle…with the Recipe Journal in hand.

And so for the last few days, the husband has been sniggering away while I copy recipes from my old Papemelroti notebook onto the Moleskin one. I don’t really care if he laughs at my face – I know he loves every single recipe I write down anyway and if he bothers me more then he’s probably just gonna eat frozen pizza for a while.

I love it! It’s so pretty

The covers are embossed with cute kitchen-y tools and the back has the usual flap for miscellaneous papers.

I don’t classify my favorite recipes the same was as how the pages are organized. But good thing that they included some stickers to change the labels as needed. I don’t usually make cocktails (that’s the husband’s job) so the cocktails tab easily became ‘Bread’. The pages are smooth and I love writing on them.

I have written probably a dozen or so of my favorite recipes and I was so inspired that I made like 4 out of those over the weekend. Just so I can open up my Moleskin journal on top of the kitchen counter and pretend I’m in a kitchen that’s more than 3 square meters. And with the price I paid for it, 19.90€ I think I’m gonna use this for a while lot longer than other ‘recipe notebooks’ I’ve had over the years. Who knows, one day this might be one of the things I pass on to my kids. Asa pa!

But all in all, it’s 19.90€ well spent I think.

Now I’m just trying not to think about the Travel Journal for our 2 week Japan trip. Please EQ, don’t fail me now.


2 Responses to “You’re mine Recipe Journal!”

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief August 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    I saw these today in Liberty’s in London and was so tempted… I managed to walk away… for now!

    • xcinthecity August 11, 2011 at 10:38 am #

      🙂 If you ever find yourself getting one – you’ll love it. Have a good day.

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