Boulangerie On The Go

21 Jul

When we were young and on holiday in the province, one of the usual afternoon sounds we’d hear is the honk of the panaderia on a bike.

He’d pass on our street selling that bread with the red filling (which is apparently stale bread) and bichokoy and spanish bread and pandesal and whatnots. My great grand mother usually bought some sort of dinner rollish thing to eat while playing mahjong.

But that was a long time ago. I don’t know if they still do that over there. So can you imagine my surprise when I saw this on the way home from work.


It’s a roving boulangerie – on a bike! How promdi is that? Well apparently it’s not that promdi anymore. Now it’s considered chic.

Oh the husband tells me the French have (or are still?) done that in the province too. I guess we’re not really 2 worlds apart when it comes to food.

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