Crushing on Moleskin Passion Journals

19 Jul

I have a major notebook crush on 2 Moleskin Passion journals. They’re so pretty and lovely to touch.

Crush #1: I was on Amazon and was 1 click away from ordering the Recipe Journal. Can you say L-O-V-E? So inspiring to whip up wonderful wonders in the kitchen.


I have an old Papemelroti notebook where I jot down fave recipes. But Moleskin is more sosyal and adult-like. There’s a video pa, taray!


Crush #2: This one I can live without. The Moleskin Travel Journal. I don’t need it as much as the Recipe one but it’s just so chic to pull this out of your bag and jot down travel notes while you’re on the train. And I like the elastic strap – you can stuff as much train tickets/museum tickets/sugar packets from a cafe in Rome where you spent your whole afternoon stalking your favorite CNN bureau chief as you want and it’s still gonna look good and not burst on you.


So cute the video for this one:


If I’m a good girl, I think I’m gonna buy myself the Recipe journal this weekend. As for the Travel one, that might have to wait until we finalize our holiday plans for November – Peru or Eastern Europe?

I’m so excited! Not for the holiday trip but for my cute little Moleskin journals.

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