A major pain in the…

11 May


For the past week I have been experiencing immense pain just right here:

I thought it was because of my sleeping position – i sleep on my right side. But it doesn’t make any sense because I’ve slept like that my whole life.

Then I thought it might be the mattress. But we bought the mattress years ago and I’ve never had major major problems before.

Then I thought maybe it’s because of my work position. I have two monitors and I sit facing one monitor but I’m actually working on the other one – which means my head is sideways most of the time.

So today at work I kept on changing my sitting position trying to find the right balance between my chair and the two monitors. I think my officemates were a bit curious as to what was going on over at my desk. But no luck.

I’m sitting on the couch now and my neck is killing me. Litterally killing me.

I’ve asked the husband to put on some Arnigel, think Salonpas but as a cream, on my hurting neck.  So far it just feels hot. No relief felt yet. I want – no, make that need –  a massage soooo bad!

Help!! What else can I do to make this major pain in the neck go away??

One Response to “A major pain in the…”

  1. odette May 17, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    a few weeks ago, the husband complained of neck pains. i massaged his neck and shoulders with Bengay from the philippines! ^_^ yes i dragged my first aid kit here.

    feel better soon!

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