What Mother’s Day?

10 May

First of all, is it Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day? I can never remember.

But what I do remember is that it was not that day in France last Sunday. I remember that because last year I was so excited about it that I sent my mother-in-law a “Joyeux Fete des Meres” card.

She called up when she received it asking why I sent her the card a whole month in advance. Errrr…yeah, sure.

So this year, no card for her until May 29th which is the French Fete des Meres. I did greet my mom and my mommy friends in the rest of the world though. It’s just that I find it weird celebrating – slash- not celebrating a “holiday”. Luckily Christmas falls on the same date everywhere.

Or should I say  semi-celebrating? Because we did celebrate mom’s day – the husband took me to watch Thor in 3D (even though he hates 3D) and we had yummy authentic donner kebabs after.

What about you? Do you celebrate the holiday with the country you’re in or with the rest of the world?


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