Musee Rodin

3 May

I didn’t really know of Rodin’s works. I know he’s a very famous sculptor but that’s about it.

So on the first Sunday of February, the husband decided to knock some culture into me took me to go see the Musee Rodin in the 7th arrondissement. A couple of national museums in Paris can be accessed for free on the first Sunday of every month – sweet!

What greeted me was a fabulous hotel particulier with pretty modern sculptures in front and a huge and I mean Huge garden at the back with views of both the Eiffel tower and gold dome of Les Invalides.

To the right of the entrance was of course the most popular sculpture – The Thinker, or Le Penseur in french.

Le Penseur – The Thinker

On the left were The Gates of Hell (I think I saw this at the Musee d’Orsay a few years back) and Les Bourgeois de Calais.

The Gates of Hell

Les Bourgeois de Calais

Inside there were more amazing sculptures. Finished and unfinished works by the master. It was very interesting. They even explain the steps on how Rodin’s sculptures were created. From the first clay model to the finished product.

It was definitely an eye opener. I appreciated this little wonder than the Musee d’Orsay with its thousands of sculptures. It’s amazing that you can be in a building and garden like this and still be in Paris – with its tiny apartments and pockets of parks.

If you are planning to visit Paris and are thinking of other museums to see – this should definitely be on your list. If you’re not into the sculptures then just go and have a walk in the gardens.

Entrance at night

Les Invalides, Eiffel tower, Le Penseur – there’s only one place where you can see all three at the same time.

Musee Rodin

79 Rue de Varennes 75007 Paris

Metro: Varenne or Invalides


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