The kalat on my desk

10 Feb

My work desk is big but I like shoving things between my two monitors where they are of easy access. But that’s just part 1 of my kalat.

There’s also kalat on my right side. Basically books and IT magazines – that I don’t read. They’re just there for show. Well, I do consult them from time to time but I’m too lazy to bring them back to the bookshelves.

The kalat on my left side is paper kalat. That’s where I dump the letters we get, the contracts, receipts. It’s supposed to be called admin kalat.

But personal kalat is space between my two monitors.

1. L’Occitane Shea Butter that I blogged about here.

2. Alcogel. Yes, the one from Bench. I got it from my last trip to Manila. It saves me from having to go to the toilet to wash my hands after eating chips or a big hunk of cheesy fougasse.

3. An extra mouse. My wireless mighty mouse has been acting up lately. It keeps on getting disconnected but the battery is still full. I keep this one on hand just in case I get the urge to throw the wirelesss on to the wall.

4. Glasses. I wear glasses whenever I’m working in front of the computer and sometimes when I watch tv. It actually helps make my eyes less tired.

5. Business cards.

6. Stamps.

7. I think that’s a part of my phone’s USB cable. It’s always connected to my machine because smart phones eat up battery so fast. I’d have to get a real dock though. Soon.

8. Laptop lock. I use this for my mac. I was supposed to move to another desk so I took out the lock to prepare for the move. I haven’t moved yet and don’t think I’ll go on with it. Talk about procrastinating.

I think the cleaning lady is frustrated when she dusts my desk because she can’t really do real work. I have stuff all over the place.

But this is how I mark my territory. Some people personalize their workstations with photos, bric-a-bracs, plants. I personalize with kalat.

Just ask my mom.


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