What a waste of moolah

8 Feb

I’ve been robbed!


Well, mostly kidding. But I was! Not by a thief but by my dentist. I can’t believe how expensive crowns are in Paris. Well, at least sosyal ang crown ko. Even though it’s a molar and no one will ever see it ever! It’s more expensive than an LV bag.

When I told my mom how much the ceramic crown cost she told me to buy nalang a roundtrip ticket back to Manila and get my crown there plus have all my teeth checked out…and I’ll have change left over pa. Harsh…yet true.

Yes, it costs that much. Nyeta!

If I took more care of my teeth, I could have had that Chloe bag I’ve been eyeing na. But no. Stupid molar had to bother me, hence the root canal, hence shelling out major €.

Good thing the insurance covers half of it, but it’s still expensive. It’s still a Goyard bag out of my own pocket.

When I showed my spanking new molar to the husband, he didn’t even know which one it is. He said it didn’t look like I had anything done.

I guess that means I should be thankful that the dentist did a good job. But still…hecka expensive. Thank god for 13th month pay.

The permanent teeth, viewed from the right.
Image via Wikipedia

that’s me saying grrrrrr…….

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